2.2.1 Firmware Update

AppleApple has recently released an update for the iPhone firmware. If you update you will lose your jailbreak and/or unlock. Please wait for an update from the dev team. Here’s the official word on what was updated. Looks like mostly bug fixes…

iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update

This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
• Improved general stability of Safari
• Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

Products compatible with this software update:
• iPhone
• iPhone 3G

I did have a picture get all blurry after downloading it from the Mail App this moring. Let us know if you see any changes not mentioned here.

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  1. The Dev Team said this :

    for *jailbreak* purposes 2.2.1 is fine for all including ipt2g. But it BREAKS the yellowsn0w soft *unlock* for iPhone 3G

    I guess that means it works with jailbreak but yellowsn0w would not work.

  2. When the Dev team gets the new Jailbreak update and i update my jailbroken phone to 2.2.1 will i lose all my apps/themes?

  3. any one know when the 2g ipod touch jailbreak program is available ????

  4. i don thnk i wil update to 2.2.1 coz no very major updates hav been introduced…if i do update il loose al my cydia apps n its a real pain 2 dwld them agn

    • Download AptBackup from Cydia. It will automatically reinstall all of your Cydia-managed downloads once you restore.

    • Da187suspect says

      Is it that simple to back up? Will all your installed Cydia hacks automatically reappear?

    • For some reason AptBackup from Cydia never seems to work…I follow the directions and still nothing. I hate doing updates for this reason. If anyone has any ideas please help.

    • For Cydia apps. install aptbackup, hit the backup button to do a backup, then do a backup in itunes. After jailbreak, do a restore from backup in itunes, then open aptbackup and hit the restore button. Cydia apps will be returned. It is important to backup in itunes before you jailbreak.

    • Kangaroo ur sure it works like that??

    • hey douglas or ne if ul could ul plz make up a vid showing how 2 use aptbackup…plz!

  5. I wish they would release the push notification update already.

    • Yeah, no freakin’ crap!! It has been MONTHS. Isn’t it funny how they don’t even mention they’re working on it anymore? It just disappeared. I’ll bet they’re hoping that we forget about it LOL

  6. “Improved general stability of Safari”.

    Wow its not like they could make it any worse! I hate when your browsing the web and it just dies. Will update once its fully broken into and tested in the jailbreaking community.

  7. I just have a question..
    Is this update only for the jailbroken phones ? and when you say unlocked phones.. does that mean it also locks the unlocked phone, you got your service provider to do for you..

    • This is an Apple update for all iPhones and iPod Touches FW2.2.1. Unlocked is a term that refers to your iPhone being hacked in such a way that you aren’t restrained by the default carrier that they come on. (ex. its AT&T in the States, but unlocking it will allow it to go onto Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.)

    • The 2.2.1 update is for ALL iphones…
      If you have a Jailbroke iphone, they you will have to re-jailbrek and re-install all Cydia Apps. from scratch again. This is the only drawback to jailbreaking….imo…but totally worth it.

      I only have a few apps downloaded and installed from Cydia, so it’s not that bad for me

    • Okay thanks.. (then I won’t have any trouble updating, though I think I’ll wait anyway..)

  8. Gosh, can’t Apple get it right. I saved an emailed image and an image was saved from Safari, both were blured.

    • It’s kind of a hassel but you can pick up camerabag from the app store and re-save your blurry images with the ‘original’ setting back to your camera roll. It re-sizes the images by a pixel or 2 and then they are not blurry anymore.

  9. I downloaded and updated to 2.2.1 this morning because I wasn’t really too worried about being able to jailbreak. My phone was at the point where I needed to restore and rejailbreak anyway (I do that every so often to clean it up and start fresh (gotta love AppBackup in Cydia <3)). Well, I forgot to turn off the numeric battery in SBPrefs, so when I restored to 2.2.1, I still have the numeric battery! It’s obviously not jailbroken, just the setting was left over from the last time I did it. I just want them to confirm that the jailbreak works on 2.2.1 so I can turn the thing off and rerestore it LOL :3 stupid I know haha

  10. Anyone ever heard of AptBackup? It’s been reviewed on this site and it creates a file list of all your Cydia installations. Install it from Cydia, open the app, press “Backup,” then sync your iPhone/iPod Touch with iTunes. It will save the information so after you restore/update and jailbreak again, all you have to do is go to Cydia, install AptBackup, open the app, press “Restore,” and magically everything you had installed from Cydia will be put back on your device. (You do need to use your previously synced device in iTunes.)

    • Didn’t work for me when I updated from 2.1 to 2.2. Also when you restore from an iTunes backup it brings all the bugs back. I like to start from fresh and just backup things like SMS messages, contacts, notes etc. via SSH.

    • mattyb123: or you can save the APTbackup generated file, restore/update your phone, but not sync from the backup, then jailbreak, copy back the aptbackup datafile, install aptbackup, and reinstall everything you had. not so user-friendly, but better, than sync from a previous backup. next question: where is the aptbackup data file located…? i never used it, so i don’t know. :S but if you have it, might be more easier.

    • we need a better system!!

    • I’ve read conflicting information about using your backup after restoring to a new firmware. Some people say it brings “bugs” back while others say that isn’t the case. I’ve never had any problem with it. It is important to not “update” to a new firmware but rather “restore” to the new firmware because it uses an extra 500mb or so when you “update.”

    • Apt backup doesn’t really backups your Cydia apps. It makes a list of the apps and backups the configurations. When you restore it reinstall the apps from Cydia sources. Which means that it won’t bring any previous bugs.

  11. is there a 2.2.1 jailbreak software i can used..i jailbroke my phone using quickpwn

  12. @mattyb123: How would you go about manually backing up little things that you want, like contacts, mail accounts, etc? All I need (when my new replacement shows up) is my contacts, mail, and I guess that’s it.

    • You can use iFunBox for that … For me it is much better and easier than using SSH and the software is very simple and easy to use.

      Yes it is an iPhone files & folders browser, using your USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPod touch with your Mac or PC instead of wirelessly SSHing your device.

    • SSH into var/mobile/Library/AddressBook for the contacts and then copy the AddressBook.db to your computer.
      SSH into var/mobile/Library/ and copy the whole mail folder so it will backup your account info and mail boxes.

      Other apps are in the var/mobile/Library/ if you need them.
      Hope this helps. :D

    • Nevermind, I just decided to start from scratch. I don’t have very many contacts anyway.

  13. The new update does one great thing, at least for me, it opens “settings” really fast. Up to now, settings took 6 to 8 seconds to open on any iPhone I’ve used, and there have been a few, to say the least. Just got a new one today, in fact – third since Friday. Yes I updated and nuts to the jailbreak. I’ll jailbreak again when they figure out how to deal with this upgrade, though I have to admit, this is getting tiresome.

    Gives me something to do I guess, and maybe look forward to. Yes, I need to get a life. I know.

  14. Safari still crashes 

  15. Whoa….something just happened in the tech world cause my alarm went of. Oh wait it was just Apple releasing a software update….hitting the snooze button.

  16. After the update my iphone brewed me a cup of coffee. Its no push notification but it was a nice addition.

  17. I don’t plan to update anytime soon, I don’t see any of the bugs claimed to be “fixed” on my 2.2 devices

  18. I’m tired of constant visits to the Dev Team Blog. I’m sick of the whole deal. I’m a firm believer in jailbreaking, but it’s now over the top with the onslaught of Apple upgrades. I will always upgrade because I want my device to always be state of the art, and there are little things about the current update that make it a must – things that posters here, who don’t upgrade, don’t know. You have to use it to know. An iPhone is an iPhone. Jailbreaking gives you customizing features and Open SSH. Apart from that, I’ll live without it, and I’ll stop this obsessive tracking of the Dev Team Blog. In the old days, we had iJailbreak. That was a simple, elegant way to jailbreak and unlock. I miss that. This has become too complex, and this issue of the baseband vis a vis Yellowsn0w is perplexing. In the beginning they said do not change the firmware. Then they said, you must change it to 2.28. Enough already. If you’re desperate for an unlocked phone, you of course have no choice. You are enslaved by that Dev Team Blog.

  19. i think ill wait lol

  20. I for one will not be updating to 2.2.1. Amazingly, I haven’t had the need to restore since I upgraded to 2.2! And my iPhone seems to be running at peak performance. I have NEVER had such a smooth run like this EVER! There was the ocassional hiccup with a cydia app here and there where I got the SWOD but with patience and perserverance my iPhone got itself out of SWOD (Spinning Wheel Of Death).

    I’ll update when Apple releases a major update like 2.3 or something with major announcements including performance and bug fixes (maybe push notify? Or we have to wait for firmware 3.0 for that?! LOL). My iPhone is currently so customized the way I like it and modded the way I want that a needless 2.2.1 upgrade is not worth it for someone like me.

    Too bad it’s such a major hassle to rejailbreak. I have AT&T so that’s not an issue for me to unlock. It’s the getting all my Cydia (and one Installer LOL) apps back onto my iPhone. Someone here mentioned that the Settings app opens quicker. That’s sweet but not worth me to upgrade. Apple mentions better mobile safari performance but someone here who has upgraded to 2.2.1 mentions it still crashes.

    Honestly is it Apple? Or is it because the phone is jailbroken? I read somewhere a while ago that mobile safari is unstable at times because of the iPhone being jailbroken. Which would kind of make sense?With add-ons like Download plugin, mobilecinema etc that might be a valid claim.

    Well anyway. I’ll wait for firmware 2.3 thanks…;)

    • Finally installed Supreme Preferences and now ironically my Settings app opens quicker LOL. Go figure. ^^

  21. 3g Jailbreak Success!!! No problem with jailbreaking new firmware!!! Used last Quickpwn. COOL!!!

  22. Hey i upgrade to 2.2.1 and used Quickpwn to jailbreak my phone.It worked, only problem is that i cant add any sources in cydia because it would say something about the repository..like an error message..I was able to add sources perfectly using 2.2 but once i upgraded to 2.2.1 it started messing up…any help?

  23. upgraded fact unlocked 3g 16 gb to 2.2.1 and jailbroke it

    jailbroke then install apt back up from cydia then restore with itunes then open aptbackup and HIT RESTORE

    and its been 30 mins and counting with no result yet

    is it supposed to be this long? it only says restoring and the circle on top keeps circling like its thinking

    does it automatically install everything back? if yes then i guess the long wait is worth it

    or does it just look for the backup file and then we still have to press install to start the installation process ?


    it finally work for me but it took exactly 1 hour 1 min depending on how many things u did wrong like –> installing other cydia apps before u run restore from aptbackup like openssh or bosspref etc