Firmware 2.2.1 Jailbreak Info – Dev Team

Dev TeamThe Dev Team has released PwnageTool and QuickPwn (for both the Mac and PC) 2.2.5. Below gives you the general idea about the jailbreak for firmware 2.2.1 but, you will want to check out the Dev Team’s website to see all the info (there is a lot more) and to get the links to the jailbreaks.

If your iPhone is unlocked…or you would like it to be unlocked it the future…do not upgrade to firmware 2.2.1.

“This is the low down on our tools for use with the 2.2.1 firmare from Apple, read the whole post in full before attempting anything.

1. GOLDEN RULE: If you have a 3G iPhone running 2.2 firmware and you want to keep your ability to use yellowns0w (or the option to use it in the future) do NOT use QuickPwn, and do not use the official ipsw or the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool.
2. Yellowsn0w will NOT work with the baseband version (02.30.03) that is present in the recent 2.2.1 update – you will need to create a custom ipsw that will allow you to update safely without affecting the baseband.
3. Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools.
4. Read items 1, 2 and 3 again and again.
5. At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the latest versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn.
6. These apps are suitable for the recent 2.2.1 release.
7. The Yellowsn0w version has been updated to 0.9.7. Yellowsn0w is available from Cydia or Installer – this version allows compatibility with pwned 2.2.1 system (not baseband) – again – remember 0.9.7 yellowsn0w DOES NOT WORK WITH 2.2.1 (02.30.03) directly – you need to be running a ‘pwned’ version of 2.2.1 which doesn’t upgrade the baseband.
8. Users of OS X 10.5.6 will be unable to use DFU mode correctly, please see the note towards the end of this post to easily fix this issue.”

Click HERE for the rest of the article.

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  1. Ok so i am aware that i need to upgrade my MobileInstallation file so i can use free apps on 2.2 firmware.

    Before i upgrade to 2.2.1 using the new quickpwn225; will i have to again upgrade my MobileInstallation file?

    Please let me know!

  2. I have a late 2008 MacBook, so already I have issues. Nevertheless, I was determined to jailbreak this morning, and I did. I followed the Dev Team’s instructions for dealing with a problem with OS 10.5.6 to fully restore DFU functionality. I did the download and install suggested. Then I jailbroke with the new version of QuickPwn. It went as smoothly as ever. One little problem though, the iPhone went into the white apple onscreen mode for 18 minutes before finally starting. I thought for sure that after jailbreaking as many as 25 iPhones I had finally bricked one. But all is well. Who knows what was going on? It started, and it has been perfect.

  3. Just one word…..Amazing!!

    The Dev Team is just Amazing…they are so Freaking FAST with the Jailbreaks.

  4. they just released an updated version of QuickPwn for Windows. it is now version 2.2.5-2, i have no idea what they fixed in it now, restoring to 2.2.1 right now

  5. ok i have 2.2 jailbroken… can i upgrade, jailbreak, and still have all my stuff?? cuz when i went from 2.1 to 2.2 and i lost all my old jailbroken apps

  6. im to lazy. ill stay on 2.2 =p

  7. i hope when i buy my 3g this week its not updated to this firmware

  8. I’m still gonna wait til firmware 2.3 or whatever major update there will be. ;)

  9. I downloaded the new qwikpawn for the new update, but what program will open it?
    It is a torrent file?

  10. I was not aware that 2.2.1 had been released when i was unlocking my iphone 3g..
    Now i have 2.2.1 firmware installed in my iphone..
    what do i do now if i want to jailbreak my iphone?

  11. Anyone perform the mobile installation hack on 221 yet? Anything different than doing it on 2.2?

  12. I have the 2.2 jailbroken version. What’s the difference between 2.2 and 2.2.1?
    I read somewhere that it has flash player for safari.

  13. I’m 2.2.1 JB Works Like A Charm, No Issues! Much Faster I Think, Even With Memory Consuming Mods Like 5 icon dock, column, stacks etc., Don’t Have To Use Safe Mode To Play Any Games No More Like On 2.2 Too!, 2.2 Mobile Installation Works Fine On 2.2.1 cuz in Theory 2.2.1 Is Still 2.2 With The Only Difference It’s Much Faster And It Updates 3G Baseband. Anyways I’m Still Waiting/Hoping For Flash :-( Cheers!

    • What program did you use to open the file.
      I downloaded qwikpawn, but it is a torrent file?
      How did you open it ?

    • I Din’t Download A Torrent File I Download A Zip File And Unzipped It, It Contained Quickpwn executable file and some other files, i ran quickpwn.exe and voila Succes!.. you can get the quickpwn from it’s the official quickpwn website, just make sure to download the zip file not a torrent. Cheers :-)

  14. I tried doing quickpwn on an imac but i keep getting an error message that itunes doesn’t recognize what type of device my phone is so quickpwn never gets to finish it’s job this happens right after the phone i put the phone into DFU and itunes pops up, HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  15. After jailbreak the phone becomes slow? Has anyone noticed this ? Any work around ?

  16. Hi
    I had Iphone 2g 8gb with 2.2 version……. i jailed breaked it before.. thnx for ur lovely softwares…

    today i updated it with 2.2.1(unfortunately) then i tries to jail break it with ur given new softwares… but it was not successful …showing error as..SIM CARD NOT DETECTED…

    then again i RESTORED my phones software with ur technique( SHIFT+ restore) to 2.2 version from Itunes…

    Now i tried to do the process of jailbreaking again as i did the very first time for 2.2… BUT
    after that it is showing the same error when i insert my own SIM…

    pltz help..ASAP

  17. height of laziness i am still on 2.2

  18. I recently upgraded to 2.2.1 on my iphone and now when i sync it with itunes i lose all the apps i downloaded from installous. it says that each one of these apps cannot be verified. Does that mean i will have to redownload them or is there a way to fix this?

  19. ariel caba says

    hi i have a questions i hope one of u guys can help with it. i have an iphone 3g running in 2.2.1 (5h11) modem firmware 02.30.03, so i want to jailbreak. now can i jailbreak this firmware? and if i can! would u please tell me the tools or the steps i have to do. when u guys have a chance. well thanks.
    and u guys are the best with this website.

  20. I have my springboard crahsing on me. Need help to fix it
    Also need an OS image that will clean install the phone OS and the springboard
    Also need help to Jailbreak it and unlock the phone as well..

    I have a turboSIM but it does not seem to work for me. It worked fine for a week and after that its gives me “No Service” message



  21. Hey
    i bought a iphone 3g 8gb today, downloaded the firmware of this site as i wanted to put it onto the 2.2 firmware, went to restore it in itunes and selecting the firmware file, it goes to restore it then it comes up with error codes, i googled the error codes and it says can not downgrade the firmware. the firmware that was on it was 2.2.1 but the baseband was 2.30 i think so i thought it would be find. Tried restoring in DFU mode but does not work :( is there anyway around the error codes?
    Please help me :)

  22. Hey
    Bought a iphone 3g today, got it home put the sim in it and it was already on baseband 2.30.03 looks like all the iphone’s being shipped out are going to be that baseband… surely dev team are working on a fix as this problem has been out for a while now :(


  23. cardoso1 says

    o quickpwn no windows vista não funciona não consigo abrir nenhuma versão dá sempre o erro de que o quickpwn deixou de funcionar alguém sabe como resolver ou contornar este problema

  24. HELP!!

    I have jailbroken into my 3G iphone, fireware 2.2.1 can I update to the new itunes without ruining my phone and memory? i have already downloaded the new itunes but i’m afraid what will happen if i connect my phone to the computer. Can anybody help???