Lock Calendar Update – Display Calendar Events on Lock Screen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Lock Calendar Lock Calendar has been update to version 0.2. The update has a few bug fixes however, it also updates the appearance of the app and adds some setting options. Like in the previous version, as soon as you install Lock Calendar, it will automatically start displaying Calendar events on your lock screen (it is NOT activated via WinterBoard).

When you install the app, you will notice that the there are is no longer a gray highlight behind the date and that the spacing has been changed so that events are closer together. There are a few other minor aesthetic changes such as a comma after the day in the date. Overall, a nice visual update though, I actually didn’t mind the highlight behind the date in the previous version. Another nice feature of the update are some setting options.

Once you install Lock Calendar, you can go into your stock Settings app and you will find an option for Lock Calendar. Here you are able to change a few basic settings such as, the ability to turn on/off the Lock Calendar application, the ability to turn on/off the current event, the ability to choose the number of entries displayed on the lock screen (1-10, 15, 20, 25 or Unlimited) and the ability to choose the amount of time in which the app will display on the lock screen (1-5 days, One Week, Two Weeks or One Month).

If you are a looking for a simple (and free) way to display upcoming events on your lock screen…this just might be the app for you! It is easy to use and works exactly how it should.


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  1. I actually liked it better before…:(

    Is there any way to get back the black background on the days?

    • Me too. The grey highlights seperated the days quite efficiently. Now it’s all chunked together and it’s hard to seperate the data in your mind. We should write the dev and tell him to put them back.

  2. Hey thats Nice, I’am from Germany and we use alway for the Time the 24h system. With the new update it now display’s 21:00 instead of 9:00 am! Thats the best thing from the update for me!!!

    Generaly: Very Nice App!

  3. Brenda Stephens says

    I am happy with the app.I certainly could not create one.I am happy for the changes.Just pick a good lockscreen wallpaper for better effects.

  4. I’ve upgraded to the new version, but I’m still getting the “small bug” where it’s displaying the previous day as well.
    Anyone else still getting this bug?

    • Thomas Moore says


      Can you contact me through Cydia so I can try to determine what’s causing your entries to be off by one day?


      Thomas Moore (volatile-dev)

    • Sorry for the false alarm. I thought I had updated the app but for some reason it wasn’t updated. Now I’ve updated it properly and everything is working fine! Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the awesome program!

  5. I upgraded to the latest version but the app won’t show on my lock screen.

    What happened?

  6. Just my two cents worth. I preferred the grey highlight separators too. Developer…..plse put them back !!

  7. I would concur that the app was better with some kind of separator between the dates. It is much harder to read without them. I would suggest some kind of separator, either the gray bars as before or some kind of line. Otherwise, GREAT app! Keep up the good work Thomas!

  8. Erik Wuyts says

    Hi there,
    the LockCalendar 0.2 application causes a “considerable” slow down (seconds) in the reaction of the home button, as well as the slider to unlock it afterwards.
    I had to remove it, as it became unworkable.
    This was both in Firmware 2.2 and 2.2.1;
    Is there some incompatbility with another program ? or is it due to LockCalendar itself.
    Thanks for feedback,

  9. Daniel Lyons says

    I am also experiencing a considerable slow-down in the response time of the home button / power button / slider. Is there no option to downgrade to the previous version?

  10. There is a new version out, 0.3, and it adds dividers between dates which you can toggle on and off. It also allows you to customize the Header Transparency and the Entry Transperency to create divisions between the headers and dates and allowing you to work with your background image. The lag may also be gone that people have been experiencing.

  11. I have a weird problem with this app. It seems to work perfectly but does not show all the events for today. Seems to show from tomorrow onwards, but only a subset of today’s events (I have three upcoming appointments that I am not seeing). Anyone else seeing this?

  12. Jon Moore says

    Getting the dreaded Cydia POSIX error when i try to install this.. :S

  13. I have encountered a strange problem. I have installed, but it does not show up in the settings .app. so I cannot edit or shut it off.
    ( ihave intellicreen now, which works better, but still lockcalendar is underneath. )
    Does anyone know where to find it in SSH , I will manually take it out

  14. I am dying for this app… please make it for the BlackBerry Storm!

  15. Profete162 says

    Awesome!! Really love it!!!

    Just a question: is it possible to change the blue color for the “today activities”???
    That really suck…

    But anyway, that’s my best app for my Ipod.. I am really happy with it.

    Thank a lot.

  16. Firstly, thanks a lot, this is really awesome.

    Secondly, would you please fix that blue color of the time and the description of the current event so that it reflects the customizations settings?

    Thanks again.

  17. I’d just upgraded to the latest version via Cydia and now my phone cannot boot up! It’s just stuck at the Apple logo!

  18. Does this app require me to jailbreak my iphone? That’s something I would rather not do as I don’t want to void any of my service warranties. Thanks

  19. Great app. One of the most useful apps for the iPhone. Silly that it’s not a built in feature.
    I have an enhancement request if it’s possible to do. Add the ability to snooze a calendar entry for a certain time. ie: 5mins, 10 mins, 15, 30, 60, 120…
    Is this possible?

  20. perfect… does exactly what I’ve wanted since getting the iPhone… one step closer to being a PDA :o)

  21. I have Lock Calendar version 1.1.1 but I’m getting a lag time for the display after hitting the home button. I say it supposedly got fixed earlier, but has anyone else since this with the latest version?

  22. Great app. Really bringing iphone closer to pda. Is there any way to change blue color on the heading for today events? Blue color really looks ugly.


  23. Yeah, it’s possibe to change the blue color for the “current item”, just locate the following:

    And add the following:
    255 255 255
    255 255 255
    255 255 255

    255 255 255 being white in this case.


  24. Mosdmc I dont understand how to add this. where should I put it ?


  25. why can’t i find this program on the Apple Apps Store?
    is it still around?

  26. i have installed that app in version 4.3.3 iphone 3gs
    its not synced completly with the calendar
    its takes events from 19/06 and shows them in 18/06

    very obvious

    can help me??

  27. Any chance this app will be made available for iphone5. I had the app on my iPhone 4 and loved it so much I would be willing to pay for it for my iPhone 5


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