Ebay Mobile 1.2 Update

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

eBayeBay has updated it’s mobile application for the iPhone and added a few big features, one being access to messaging. This allows you to check messages, respond, and ask seller’s questions about items. You can also sort your search results by Max distance. Finally, another big feature is the added thumbnail view of hot items to the home screen. I can tell it’s customized to my recent searches.

There are other navigational and appearance tweaks you will notice in the update to version 1.2 as well. Here are some screenshots of these changes and the ones listed above.

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  1. I cant find it in nether Apple store from my phone or computer :S

  2. I like this new update :)

  3. Into RCs? That E-maxx might suggest that you are. Too bad it was a Traxxas ad…lame, ha.

  4. I am unable to find the app. Is it with a different name ?

  5. Ever since i got this update the Ebay app will not log me in. it just spins and spins and never logs in. I remove it and reinstalled and the same problem.

  6. update to this.
    remove the application. reset iphone and restart and reinstall. that fixed my issue.

  7. Where, the heck, you get the app? Please, place the link.