eBay App Update – Includes New Features

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##ICON_NAME## The eBay iPhone and iPod touch application has received an update to version 1.5.0. The update add a few new features including Best Offer support with push notification, live countdown timers and the ability to share items via twitter, facebook and email. It seems the update is just in time for the Holiday season. You can view the full change log below.

Out of curiosity, do any of you guys use the eBay application… I totally do!
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eBay Updated with Push Notifications

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eBayeBay has recently update their iPhone app to include push notifications for outbid events and watched items. There’s are a lot more great features ability to pay with PayPal, search for completed items and search in description. The completed items thing is sweet ’cause now you can go to garage sales and search for an item to see what’s it’s really worth by seeing what it sold for as a completed item, not just current live items.


iPhone 3GS Prototype Hits Ebay

Ebay It seems that a white 16GB iPhone 3GS has shown up on Ebay. According to Electricpig apparently the Ebay lister seems to have acquired the iPhone in May (a month before the June 19th release date) from someone who found it in a airport. Yep, that’s right, he says the prototype iPhone was just hang out at the airport. Oddly enough, the lister does have a decent Ebay history.

The iPhone apparently cannot be activated or restored and according the the Apple Genius people it, “is definitely iPhone 3G S, He matched the Serial Number on the SIM Tray with the Serial Number on the LogicBoard – they are the same, but He told me, nothing he can do about it, because He was unable to locate the number in Apple’s Database.” [Read more…]

eBay Mobile 1.3 Update

eBayeBay Mobile has recently updated to version 1.3. Lots of new features, a big one, leaving feedback for sellers and buyers.

Leave Feedback


There’s also a link to see a seller’s other items. This is nice when you find something you’re looking for and want to see what else the seller might have. You could not do this before. Another of my favorite features of this update is the ability to see search results for more than 100 items. Usually you would search and 25 items would appear in the list with a link to load 25 more. After 100 loaded it would stop searching. Now it goes on and on! [Read more…]

Ebay Mobile 1.2 Update

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eBayeBay has updated it’s mobile application for the iPhone and added a few big features, one being access to messaging. This allows you to check messages, respond, and ask seller’s questions about items. You can also sort your search results by Max distance. Finally, another big feature is the added thumbnail view of hot items to the home screen. I can tell it’s customized to my recent searches.

There are other navigational and appearance tweaks you will notice in the update to version 1.2 as well. Here are some screenshots of these changes and the ones listed above. [Read more…]

eBay Mobile 1.0.1

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

eBay MobileI put my laptop on eBay earlier and thought now would be a perfect time to check out the eBay Mobile application for the iPhone. It’s really a simple application. Once you sign it you’re taken to the home screen with the following: A main search bar, Watching, Winning, Won, Outbid, Scheduled, Selling, Sold and Unsold. This is nice. I can just search right away from the first screen for what I want or go straight to what I’m looking to do.

In my case, I’m looking to see if I have any bids on my laptop. I can already see from the main screen that I have 1 item selling. By tapping “Selling”, right away I can see a thumbnail of my item, the title, it’s current price, bids and time remaining. Tapping the item takes me to the item summary which tells all the details of my item. To see the full description tap “See item description” and you can see all the html the seller put in about the item. Tapping on the image on the upper left takes you to a photo gallery. You can even pinch to zoom in on the images; unfortunately you can’t turn to rotate. If there are more thumbnails than can fit along the bottom you can slide them along with your finger and you can see more. Back on the “Item Summary” page you can also place a bid or add the item to your watch list. There’s also a little refresh tab in the upper right so you can watch your item tick down to the last second by tapping over and over. [Read more…]