eBay Mobile 1.3 Update

eBayeBay Mobile has recently updated to version 1.3. Lots of new features, a big one, leaving feedback for sellers and buyers.

Leave Feedback


There’s also a link to see a seller’s other items. This is nice when you find something you’re looking for and want to see what else the seller might have. You could not do this before. Another of my favorite features of this update is the ability to see search results for more than 100 items. Usually you would search and 25 items would appear in the list with a link to load 25 more. After 100 loaded it would stop searching. Now it goes on and on!

Along with this big features there are other minor things like a link to the eBay support page and support for the new 3.0 firmware.


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  1. I like this new update! :)

  2. Chris Thompson says

    One thing that’s still wrong that this version doesn’t fix is search parameters. I always want my searches to be “Soonest First”, but it doesn’t save that between loads.

    Also, if I’m doing a series of searches within a category, say Musical Instruments > Guitar, it will lose the category I set seemingly at random, and half the time it seems to lose the “Soonest First”.

    I’d also like to be able to drill down into subcategories before I ever search. All these things work on the web version. fd

  3. I updated today too and i love the new feature,pretty good i say.

    I am sure before 3.0 comes out they might have what others are looking for then what it offers already.

    Thanks for the info.