Dark Collection v1 & v2 Wallpaper Packs

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Dark Collection dcv2birds The MacCiti source has released a few wallpaper packs…Dark Collection v1 and Dark Collection v2. Dark Collection v1 wallpaper pack contains 20 wallpapers. Most of which are abstract wallpapers that have dark backgrounds. Dark Collection v2 wallpaper pack contains 16 abstract, dark wallpapers. Below are screenshots of all the wallpapers. If you are getting bored with your current theme’s wallpaper and are looking for a change, you might want to check these out.


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  1. how do you make your own theme? there was an app on 1.1.4: theme builder i think! can you download it on 2.2.1?

  2. There is MMS for the iPhone. Search in the iTunes store for Quip.

  3. btw brooke and douglas, i added you on facebook ;)