Stats from iPhone Firmware 3.0 Preview Announcement

Apple usually starts off their announcements with stats about sales, downloads, etc. Today there was a lot of info and here’s the recap:

The iPhone is now sold in 80 countries.
The iPhone Sales goal in 2008 was 10 million, they sold 13.7 million.
17 million iPhones have been sold since launch.
30 million total devices (iPhones & iPod Touch) have been sold.
There have been over 800,000 downloads of the free SDK (Software Developer Kit)
There are over 50,000 paid iPhone developers.
60% had never developed for Apple products before.
There are over 25,000 apps in the App Store.
96% of apps submitted have been approved & 98% of those were done in 7 days or less,
There have been over 800 million apps downloaded.


With all of that, keep in mind the App Store was launched less than a year ago… Congrats to all iPhone developers!

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  1. whoaaa! :O

  2. just saw the vid, amazing new features, lol i like the thing with the trombone :)

  3. I have a 2G iPhone on 1.1.4…..I hope I will be able to go for 3.0


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