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AnalyticsWith the new site design we’ve been tracking site statistics which got me wondering if there were any good Google Analytics apps. I’m pretty sure I’ve check before but when looking this time I found an app called “Analytics”. The screenshot previews looked good but the price was a little high at $5.99. At the time, it had 12 reviews with 4 out of 5 stars. After reading the reviews, only the first version had bad reviews. After an update to version 1.2 most reviews were 5 out of 5. Another selling point was the developer offers a refund via paypal if you’re not satisfied.

There are tons of features and I’m not going to break down every one. The biggest features are the ability to see all of your sites, ability to change date ranges, and great interface. The loading time is a bit slow on EDGE (5-15 seconds depending on info requested) but is normal on 3G or Wifi. There are also nice graphs and not just a list of numbers. Really, screenshots are what will show off this app so here’s a bunch :)

Note: Their loading graphic looks like the SWOD (Spinning Wheel of Death) but it’s all good, no worries!

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  1. Anonymous says

    No app store link? Come on what kind of review doesn’t include a link?