iPhone 3G Pro Coming in June (Rumor?)

AppleBarrons.com, part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, is reporting info on the upcoming iPhone release. Calling it the iPhone 3G Pro, they quote RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky that claims faster 3G using the HSUPA standard, improved graphics, video recording & messaging, 16GB & 32GB sizes, possibly thinner and a $199/$299 price point. He also said he expects the new version to be offered on AT&T first, and other markets second. Does this mean other world markets like O2 or other USA markets like Verizon & Sprint?

You can read the full article here: barrons.com

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  1. ichoppryde says

    better have a front camera abd higher res back camera or im passing on this one

  2. It means other world markets like Rogers Wireless. It doesn’t mean a CDMA version.

  3. I don’t care what they do, but they NEED to tackle the horrible battery life issue. I would not use my phone all day and it loses 25% battery life or more by the end of the day. Why isn’t there more outage about the battery.

    • A quarter of the battery w/o any use? I can not use mine all day at work and come home with 100% battery still there. Strange.

    • maybe because the battery is just fine the way it is I get through the day just fine with my iphone and I consider my self heavy user, surfing the net a lot and texting email a lot music, playing a game here and there.

    • Yea my battery life is ok it’s not my biggest issue plus u can charge it on ur computer with USB or car charger whenever u need too no biggie

  4. uhh, it would NEVER be on verizon or sprint

  5. Absinth Minded says

    Got to love them rumors!

  6. According to my discussions with O2 today, they’re “expecting the new iPhone in October”. Which is a while after June.

  7. I think the battery does super well. I could go all day talking, web surfing, game playing, Texting and I listen to 2 hours of music while working out. Leave it charging overnight maybe that helps

  8. wow. this is not secret at all.
    i bet this isnt making steve jobs feel any better about over people running the company in his place

  9. The battery works jus fine maybe should use the phone until it almost dies n plug it in over night….cause I’m heavy user n it does jus fine for me

  10. i hope we see an iphone at t-mobile. i hate to wait for the unlock process.

  11. if this was released in june, what carrier could actually use it? no one has even implemented hsupa/3gpp service yet. there hasn’t even been any talk about a rollout of 3gpp this or next year from any carrier. realistically i think they need to fix cellular infrustructure to fully utilise 3g service first. currently you are lucky if you ever get 3mbits per second. all the other features have already been anounced for iphone os 3.0 and saying an upgrade to 16 and 32 gb is only logical. i hate rumours.


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