Microsoft Buys Cydia

Cydia Ok, many of you have probably seen the new announcement in Cydia…that Microsoft has bought Cydia. This morning when I opened Cydia, I was greeted with a “new” tag on the announcement by Saurik. Of course my curiosity immediately sparked so, I clicked on the link. I then read a short blurb about how Microsoft had bought Cydia and how Cydia might be in for a few changes. Just as I finished reading the story, Doug walked around the corner and I (in a small state of shock and confusion) said, “Microsoft bought Cydia.” That is when Doug gently reminded me that today was April Fool’s Day!! I’m sad to say that I fell for this one (and I know I’m not the only one!!!).


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  1. iLove my iPhone says

    the video gives it away

  2. smackiesfunkies says

    haha don’t worry I fell for it too…I always forget what day it is. darn u man it was a good one
    had me mad!!!

  3. I fell for it until I watched the video and it was rick roll :P

  4. haha good one

  5. I can’t believe some of you fell for this..HAHAA.

  6. You got jokes!!! I almost threw my iPhone in the garbage.

  7. wow… gullible much? :)

  8. Hey best one today is the BSOD winulous from hackulous lol

  9. seann33uk says

    HA XD i was rick rolled.
    aye well happy fools we be /:D

  10. Good grief… for a split long, long second, I really did think.. No way!!! yes!!

  11. Steve Jobs says

    I am sadden that this isn’t true.

  12. Lol, yeah… I read the title of this and was like “Oh great…”

    Microsoft buying cydia is like Bill Gates buying Apple, or something like that :P

  13. You scared the bejezus outa me!

  14. I got a message from Swirly sayin they had been bought by Microsoft as well.

  15. I didn’t even read the message or watch the vid….I said “WHAT?!?! Oh it’s April 1st”

  16. I knew immediately what was going on, and even guessed the video before watching it. It was obvious. xP

  17. I got a message from Swirly about Microsoft buying Cydia and almost had a heart attack, haha. Then I remembered the date. And the fact that it’s MICROSOFT. DOH! Good one. lol

  18. HAHA i totally got pwnd!
    haha wow, im retarded

  19. my first thought was, did he get a million ?

  20. I knew right away this was clearly an April Fools joke but funny none the less.

  21. toNYc311 says

    LOL I briefly fell for this one too. I have to admit it WAS A GOOD ONE! I haven’t fallen for an April Fool’s joke in years! When I watched the video I was amuzed then it came to me OMG this is a JOKE! Then I was annoyed I fell for it. So GOOD ONE SAURIK HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He got me real good! :D

  22. oy!!! i will be VERY GLAD when this day is over!! i’m falling for everything!!!!!!!!

  23. oy!!! i will be VERY GLAD when this day is over!! i’m falling for everything!!!!!!!!

    plus i was rick roll’d at the end!! ouch!

  24. Mr. Cambron says

    ha april , i think whata ,

    but make a better gps map app, xGPS is good but it is so buggy

  25. Tyler McNaney says

    Wow I fought it was real and I was in an outrage, because do you know whAt windows would do? They would make cydia work and look like crap. Thank goodness! That it’s not true.

  26. george mitchell says

    I did not realize this until about a hour or so ago. This was a good one.

  27. This definitely got a lot of people but the video totally gave it away. The video shouldn’t have been posted.

  28. Absinth minded says

    I’m sad to say I fell for it too……

  29. hey guys I think it would be good news if Microsoft really do that. They have the resources to make cydia better. How much they hate Apple = How good they will make Cydia!

  30. How do you get cydia now

  31. Who can help me for getting cydia?