New Poll – Do you let your kids play with your iPhone or iPod Touch?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – Do you disable the keyboard auto-correction on your iPhone and/or iPod Touch? Below are the results based on when we added the poll about a week and a half ago.

* Yes (34.0%, 428 Votes)
* No (55.0%, 678 Votes)
* You can do that? (9.0%, 116 Votes)
* I will now! (2.0%, 22 Votes)
Total Voters: 1,244

I do not disable my auto-correction though, I have thought about it many times!!! It drives me crazy how many times it auto-corrects the wrong word but, I love when it does auto-correct a word correctly…so, for now, I’m going to stick it out a little longer!

You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Below is the new poll.

Do you let your kids play with your iPhone or iPod Touch?

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  1. Yes under very strict rules.

    • How old is your kid(s)? Our two year old isn’t allowed to play with our iPhones but, he can play with his own…it’s child proofed, the best it can be.

    • The one that is interested in it is 4. There is a car game on it he likes. He is allowed to play with it while sitting on the carpeted area in the house.

  2. My 3 year old loves Bebot, ABC animals and watching cartoons on it. easy parenting!

  3. I don’t have kids snce I’m only 15 but dad likes to play with my iphone so I had to stop him by giving him my old 1st gen touch :D

  4. Ben Davis says

    I am kid :P

  5. I knew when I got an IPHONE that I would have to get one for my 12 year old as well! I did and I am glad. She loves it, takes good care of it, and it is great having her phone and ITUNES all in one device, plus games to keep her occupied once we are waiting for somthing, etc.

  6. She’s two-and-a-half and knows her way around my Iphone very well LOL. She has to sit on the sofa though, or in her car seat when we’re driving, if she wants to play with it. Last week she said that it was HER Iphone, and daddy has one as well, but mummy hasn’t. Cheeky little thing! She’ll get her own Ipod touch when she’s a bit older.

  7. it is STUPID to let you kids play with your phone no matter what phone it is, but especially an iPhone. A friend of mine had his iPhone end up in the bottom of the toilet bowl a couple of weeks ago when he let his 5 year old play with it one too many times.

    • Well, that’s his choice- his risk. I don’t let my kid touch my phone anywhere close to water, but the risk is there. I’m cool with that though- I want my kid to learn & discover- are we surprised they dig the same ‘toys’ we do? If he breaks it, then I’m SOL though. I am willing to gamble.

  8. yah. im 17.and everyone in my family has an iphone even my little brother. so i dont really have that problem. haha

  9. Nettwerk says

    Yes, i give to play. He is 12 years old.

  10. Yes, well, I mean I got an iPhone for my birthday from my parents and I am a kid, I think you should add a choice that says, “I am a kid and own an iPhone/iPod Touch”.

  11. Yes. My 4 year old son. And he’s good at all of the games. Little kids are amazing – they just ‘get’ things that astonish me- probably because we (adults) over process things.