Jailbreaking and Winterboard In The App Store

App StoreOne of our readers sent us this screenshot of an app called Dead Man’s Dungeon. You’ll notice in the description a warning about performance issues if you’re on a jailbroken iPhone suggesting WinterBoard as the problem. It’s interesting that Apple even allows them to use such terminology.

Here’s the quote from the app in the App Store. It was still there at the time of writing this article:

If your iPhone is jail broken, stop any additional background services that may be running. If any jailbroken applications are running, you will experience performance issues. (ie. Winterboard)

Thanks to Frederick for sending this in!


jailbreak in the app store

Dead Man's Dungeon

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  1. lol thats soo funy ahhaha

  2. [AnubiS] says

    Well it’s not a secret to anyone that a lot of people is jailbreaking their iPhone so, I think denying it would be like trying to hide the sun with a thumb…

  3. Da187suspect says

    That warning isn’t from Apple though correct? Isn’t this from the developer?

  4. iambored8907 says

    I do a AppStore search occassionally for “jailbroken”, and it seems everytime I do more and more developers put it on there. A normal warning is something like: “Not Recommended for “Jailbroken” devices, as we cannot support any changes to the underlying os” AKA dont pirate our app, lol

  5. tap tap coldplay scare says

    i had gotten tap tap cold play from installous and when i opened it up yesterday it said that it was a pirated app and if i continue with what i am doing it will eventually catch up with me, they also said that with the ipod touch your exact location can be found, that’s nothing new to me because i have used the location function a lot of times. but it was pretty scary so i deleted all my pirated apps and stopped getting them for good.

    • What should I do? says

      Same:(, what is this all about? Should i keep the apps or get rid of them?