Photos of 3rd Generation iPhone has posted a bunch of pictures (most blurry) of the new iPhone. They confirm a few things that we already have heard as rumors like the compass, video recording, auto focus, battery percentage, and the ability to send video in MMS. The link I’ve posted above is the translated version into English, originally in Chinese. So here’s the pics:

Auto Focus & Video Recording

Here you can see a little blue box showing where the camera is focusing. According to the website, “If a finger on the screen by clicking on different places, then the focus will move the box under the finger-point the location to re-focus!” Also, you’ll notice in the bottom right corner, there is a toggle that lets you select video or photo mode. The button is also a red dot instead of a little camera.
Here’s another photos of auto focus.

Auto Focus: 2nd Gen vs 3rd Gen

Here you’ll see, the writer is testing the 3rd Gen iPhone to the older 2nd Gen iPhone. The third picture here is using auto focus where the fourth one is not.



Voice Recorder




Save and Copy Images


Send Video via MMS


Landscape MMS


CPU Activity


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  1. Looks like I’m going to have to start saving again. :P

  2. I’m hoping that June 6th is the day that the iPhone finally comes to Verizon. Then I’ll be able to get rid of my iPod Touch and my Phone and finally combine the 2 devices :D.

  3. Not enough to get me to buy a new one. Almost all those features are software related. Just a gimmick to get you to buy a new phone.

  4. Love how the pics ALWAYS look like crap..

  5. Kinda funny that the images show a jail broken phone.

    • Why do you say it’s jailbroken?
      The onlything u see is battery percentage, and to my knowledge this is a feature for the next iPhone

    • Had no clue that a percentagefor the battery was a thing of the future. Kinda pointless if u get a pop up for a low battery.

    • Yablonsky says

      Not pointless….very very useful. I use the percentage on my phone all the time…jailbroken though….the only time I don’t use the percentage is when charging so I can tell it is actually charging….to see both would be great.

  6. @gabe,
    the iphone will never be on verizon, dont get your hopes up

    • Maybe true for the IPHONE. Verizon will get the ITABLET the IPHONE on steroids.

    • just google apple and verizon. There is something where they couldn’t agree and verizon was the original choice for the iPhone and they rejected it.

  7. abhishek says

    According to this pixxx I think battery still suxxxx!!!!!!

  8. BtW Douglas.

    The only reason the the shutter button is a red do is because the toggle is switched to video. I just noticed too

  9. If the new iPhone does not have a fully functional -all singing/all dancing Bluetooth capability that includes contact transfer to my Pioneer HD3 in car satnav then it will be as useless as the current version.

    • I agree. They should at least unlock bluetooth so some devs can make an app that’ll do all that.

  10. 99% chances that the iPhone is coming to Verizon. I’m an ATT customer and they are good enough for me, so I really don’t care but it is coming…. soon, real soon.

  11. Wow~ pictures are from HongKong. Isn’t that where most of the fakes come from?

  12. i agree this version is just a way t get us to buy a new phone the 2nd generation is just fine.. and on the bluetooth part they dont allow it to be unlicked because all the information could be stolen even if there is a password

  13. Wow… this looks awesome…