Awesome News From AT&T: Early Upgrade Info

AT&TIf you were going to become eligible for early upgrade in July, August or September, you will be eligible this Friday!

NOTE: Thanks to a commenter. The eligibility checker won’t show you’re eligible until Friday.

Click here to check eligibility!

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  1. That is the best news since the new iphone.l am eligible in sept, oops i mean fri!!!

  2. drsgfire says

    I just checked my upgrade plan and it still says $399.

    Is this really fake?

    • doesnt start officially until tomorrow so thats probably why its not showing up yet.

  3. So, MMS will be here late summer with no extra charge! Tethering is coming eventually but, no info on when yet and it will most likely have an additional cost.

  4. sweet now i can use my brothers august upgrade date and get myself a new 3gs