AT&T Store Display Shows MMS Features

AT&TSo when I was in the AT&T store tonight checking out the new iPhone 3GS the Apple display showed this:


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  1. Seems like a tease right now if you ask me. :S Still a bit bummed out that AT&T didn’t deliver with 3.0 release.

  2. They can show ANYTHING with PowerPoint! LOL

    • LMAO!

      I think they’re secretly going to activate MMS as soon as next week. They’d be hanging themselves by displaying this now… Unless it was Apple’s decision and not AT&T’s? We all know how Apple loved making AT&T look terrible during WWDC. LOL

    • ATT doesn’t need any help with that. They manage to do the job very well by themself. LOL

  3. I work for att mobility network side of the house, and they have hundreds of network upgrades taking place right now. They are increasing their bandwidth like there’s no tomorrow…So I say that by the end of this summer or fall we should have most of the features other people have in other countries where the iphone users are much less than the US.

  4. Fran├žois says

    I am a French iPhone 3G user and I can’t believe you guys do not have access to MMS! It’s a feature that has been available directly here when upgrading to 3.0 or even before with SwirlyMMS on jailbroken iPhones…

  5. Davisjunctionjoe says

    I’d be more inclined to believe you that it was a “network” issue if the iPhone wasn’t the ONLY phone on their network without the ability.

  6. Isn’t this kinda like false advertising if they are advertising something they don’t have?

  7. I know AT&T/Apple are behind on this one, but really I could care less. If I want to send a picture I just send it as an email and not have it count toward text plan. Who doesn’t have the ability to get an email on their phone these days?

    • More than you might think.

    • I guess point was more along the lines of what Brad posted. It isn’t like this MMS is a technology that has an expanding market, so it isn’t like I chomping at the bit for AT&T to bring it to me. After your post I did think for a while about who I couldn’t send an email with a picture attached to on their mobile. I could only come up with 1 person who has kind of prided themselves on not getting a smartphone.

      Sure Apple/AT&T should have offered it along time ago if they truly want to be a clear leader in every part of the smart phone market. But the horse has been beat enough on this topic.

  8. Brad AKA freeflowfluid says

    I agree with Thomas; text mms is so backwards. Email is so much more logical, it’s like going backs with technology. I love the iPhone come on jailbreak 3.0

  9. Rogers and Fido in Canada both offer MMS for the iPhone now.

  10. That is crap!!! I can’t believe they would put up a display like that when they are still screwing us all over. I must say i prefer At&t over any other but its really not cool that thier holding apple back. Common at&t! get it together!!!

  11. Where the f*** is my MMS I just bought this and was falsely lead to think it had this feature.