Stack Coming to 3.0 With More Features! *Updated*

StackThe developer of Stack, Steve Troughton-Smith, has been posting lots of info about the upcoming version of Stack for 3.0. The big feature here is multiple stacks. Sounds like you’ll be able to do as many as you want. The stacks will also act like icons so you can drag them around just like normal icons. If you want to test out Stack you can do it now if your iPhone is jailbroken and running firmware 3.0. Just visit to download and get install info. Eventually there will be a full release in Cydia when it’s finished.

I’ve also added some screenshots below to an example of Stack 2.2 with a theme applied.

UPDATE: The developer has posted on his Twitter account that “Stack deletion possibility in v3”. I’ve added the screenshot below.


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  1. I used Stacks 2.2 yesterday… Didn’t really care for it.

  2. A bit off topic but what theme is being used in the last 2 screenshots? I think I like that use of stacks better than just having them pop up in a line on the home screen. i’ve used stacks before and the home screen version slowed my phone down quite a bit.

  3. 3.0 sounds like it’ll be cool, especially it acting as a regular icon.

    What theme is that in the last two screenshots?

  4. Michael Seltzer says

    where do you put the file on the iphone?

  5. When “stacks” allows their icon to be anywhere on the screen (not just in the dock area) I would consider using it.

  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad this is going to work on 3.0 now. I’ve really missed it sense I upgraded and JB 3.0.

    Thank you Steve!

  7. chrissrockks says


  8. The name of the theme is Soda by misecia. You can download it on the macthemes forum.
    Stacks 3.0 looks awesome.

  9. just installed. i love stacks!!
    p.s. what theme is that in the last 2 screenshots? thanks.

  10. guys how can i have more than1 stack???? i cant sim to figure it out, it looks great btw.

  11. How do you create multiple stacks? Is it available in the Alpha version or not till the full release?

  12. Trying to download it through cydia. It shows as available but 404’s during the install process. What gives? I’m eager to be a guinea pig!