Friday Night Movie Night: Bye Bye Aquatica

YouTubeI remember this game! Except it was called flOw. Apparently, a company called Ketara, rewrote the game from the ground up, called it Aquatica and put it in the App Store, without the permission of the original developer. They have since removed the app from the App Store and left this apology on their website:

Aquatica was an iPhone remake/fan version of the famous flOw game originally created by Jenova Chen of the ThatGameCompany fame. We deeply apologize for not properly crediting Jenova initially, and have already written him with a personal apology, as well. We also apologize to anyone we have upset and offended – please be assurred that we had no slightest intention of doing so. Our mistakes were caused by naivety, not malice, and we never meant to be disrepectful to anyone.

Because the game seemed to be upsetting so many, we have decided to remove it completely. We will also make sure nothing like this ever happens in the future – we understand our mistake, and will be working very hard to correct it and make amends.

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  1. I’d buy this app… To bad they deleted it… It looks much better than spore because of its simplicity.

  2. I have this app, it’s so much fun… too bad there won’t be any more updates for it.

  3. i used to love the game flow thats pretty stupid that they got rid of this game

  4. I wish i had gotton this app, i always wanted it for the iPhone. It looks great and much better than spore.

  5. Yablonsky says

    I agree with the above that it looks better than Spore…which was a let down with so few levels.
    I would totallt buy this app….for a buck that is..