How Much Would it Cost to Buy Every App in the App Store?

App Store The answer is $144,326.06. Yep, if you were to buy all 55,732 apps currently available in the App Store it would cost you just under $145,000. An interesting tidbit. Though, for some reason that number seems low to me…it would be interesting to see an updated graph of the price ratios for all the apps in the App Store.

Info via Gizmodo.

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  1. got to remember a good 40% of them are free and a few 30% are 99cents so that leaves only a few apps at hight prices. so the figure, i feel, is about right.

  2. Chris Relko says

    It would also be interesting to see if you actually had every app possible, how often you would use each one. There are WAY too many apps in the app store. It’s flooded with garbage.

    I even look at my own collections of apps….I have probably 100 or so, and I used maybe 20 of them on a regular basis.

    • Agreed about the junk that is on there. I have 27 active Apps on my phone and of those I use about 12-15 enough to actually keep them on there. It would be interesting if iTunes allowed you to see a graph of each App and how much you really used it so you could un pack-rat you phone.

  3. That’s 1452 Fart and Burp apps that I don’t need!

  4. How did you get the info? is that going by each app individually priced??!!

  5. Thats £89,824.79. I did think it would be much more though but I suppose there is a lot of free apps.

  6. Shinnawy says

    Does this include the free apps :) :p