Jailbreak 3.0.1 Firmware

Dev TeamIt’s pretty easy to jailbreak 3.0.1. You can use redsnow but you just point it towards 3.0 firmware file when it asks for it. This update only fixes the SMS exploit that was recently announced. Here’s the official word from the Dev Team:

Short version:

You can re-use redsn0w v0.8 we released a few weeks ago to jailbreak today’s 3.0.1 update. Just let iTunes update or restore you to official 3.0.1 then run redsn0w. The only “trick” is that when redsn0w asks you to identify the IPSW used, point it at the 3.0 IPSW instead of the 3.0.1 one. After the jailbreak, reinstall ultrasn0w 0.9 if you need the unlock.

More details:

The 3.0.1 release is a “branch” from 3.0 that occurs (code-wise) before all the 3.1 betas. The programs redsn0w needs to change for the jailbreak are identical when you compare the 3.0 and 3.0.1 versions. It seems pretty much the only changes Apple made were for the SMS bug, which affects programs that redsn0w doesn’t touch. That’s why you can re-use redsn0w 0.8 on 3.0.1 even though it was written for 3.0.

And since 3.0.1 doesn’t touch the baseband either, ultrasn0w 0.9 works for those needing the soft unlock. Just install it from the repo666.ultrasn0w.com repository using Cydia as usual.

We’ll at some point fix redsn0w to recognize both 3.0 and 3.0.1 IPSW’s, but really that’s the only change that would be made to it. Everything else would be identical, so there’s no need to wait for the “proper” version that recognizes the 3.0.1 IPSW as valid.

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  1. Or you can wait a week like Saurik has advised until he releases his tool to make upgrading the firmware less of a headache to jailbroken users ;)

  2. I have updated to the 3.1 beta, but now I could update to the 3.0.1 FW in iTunes. Would I be able to jailbreak the Phone? I don’t need the unlock because my iPhone is from Italy and already unlocked, so it’s not important that my baseban has already been updated.


  3. Can i unlock/jailbreak this using an iphone 1st generation???

    • yes u can make sure u point firmware 3.0 when it ask as it mention above. its just like jailbreaking and unlocking 3.0 using redsnow.

    • but suppose you don’t want to unlock and only jailbreak? pwnagetool?

  4. If your on 3gs you must wait for sarik jailbreak tool

  5. What about 3.1 on the Mac?

  6. It was not easy!
    There are two missing things here:
    1 – you will need to point to the original (not customized) firmware file from Apple
    2 – Once the redsn0w.app says “waiting for reboot”, you DO need to umplug and plug again the cable. This way the redsn0w.app continuos to work.
    Now, my iPhone 3G is working properly through a hacked 3.0.1 firmware

    • Thanks for pointing out this KEY piece of info. I only stumbled across your comment after several days of trying to jailbreak!

      Went smoothly after this.

    • i was just going by the dev site and said nothing about unplugging… see google solves it all! Thanx for this post man!

    • Carlos Sá says

      Man, that second thing you said… Man… you saved me… i would be waiting like 10 hours before I quit… lol

    • Thanks guys, this makes me feel good! Hugs!

    • HI ,

      When i using Redsnow v8.0 with iphone1,2_3.0_7A341_restore.ipsw

      it’s saying “Unable to recognize ISPW”
      please advice

    • Hi Jidaa! It’s because you are not using the SAME firmware you have installed in your device.

    • Thank you man it was driving me crazy….. don’t know why no one mentioned to unplug ….. yay

    • That tip saved me man!

    • right now, looks that Dev-team is informing to unplug and replug. Nice!

    • Cameron Smithwick says

      the unplugging ang pluggin back in does not work!!!!! redsnow simply crashes time and time and time and time and time again, over 40times iv tried it, thats just today!!!! iv tried it with a mac os x, and xp on 3 different pc’s, it doesnt work, it just crashes, im using the correct firmware, iv updated to 3.0.1 its a 3gs, redsn0w just crashes mate everytime, iv been doing it for the last 3 days, tried different cables, tried it DFU mode, unplug plugged back in every which way, restored iphone 6 times. updated itunes, using redsnow .8, redownloaded .ipsw file twice, it still crashes tried this on 3 computers!! redsn0w just crashes EVERYTIME EVERYTIME IM GOING TO SMASH MY IPHONE. i will paypal someone $20 if u provide a solution, $20 into ur paypal account no worries. PLEASE HELP

    • Hi Cameron! Well, I used an OS X Leopard. If you are using Snow Leopard, you should read the dev-team page. Also, you need to know if you mac can put your device in dfu mode, pls check this (redsnow says that you get dfu mode?)

  7. all I want to know is it going to fix the keyboards skims

  8. What if I used purplerain

  9. Purple ra1n doesn’t work with 3.0.1

    and also i didnt have to unplug and plug back in my iPhone, worked perfectly fine just by selecting the 3.0 firmware and putting it into DFU mode

  10. Myk Medalla says

    Does it work for 1st Gen iPhone?

  11. Myk Medalla says

    Does APPSYNC 3.0 work?

  12. i want to know if vwallpaper is work on 3.0.1 firmware

  13. Can sum1 please help me I jus keep getting a white screen then it goes black and the redsn0w will say that it is done jailbreaking and when I restart the iPhone and no cydia

  14. can anyone tell me why the ipsw file wont show up when I try to open it with redsnow

  15. i tried alot to jailbreak , but i could not pass thru when it says ” waiting for reboot”
    normally how long it takes?
    can anybody help ?

    i am using : iphone 3G with 3.0.1 firmware
    i am using : Redsnow v8.0 with iphone1,2_3.0_7A341_restore.ipsw

    please advice


  16. I have tried everything. Restoring, re-downloading both redsnow as well as 3.0 fw. numerous times and from different places. But i continue to receive the message:

    Unable to recognize specified IPSW.

    Can anyone please help me?
    Thank You

    • I am having the same problem so instead of downloading the iphone 3.0 firmware i’m trhying the one that says iphone 3g 3.0

      there’s a difference in the file names. the one i downloaded starts with iPhone1,1_ and the other one starts with iPhone1,2_

  17. Thank Your for your reply. Could you please let me know if this works for you and where to get this fw if in fact it does work for you?
    Thanks Again!!!

  18. hi , all

    please advise me i have problem, when i Redsnow v8.0 with iphone1,2_3.0_7A341_restore.ipsw
    it’s said “unable to recognize IPSW ”

    also i chose another firmware 1,1_3.0._7A341 but is stuck rebooting

    please advice

  19. Thanks Regi for that KEY PIECE OF INFO – unplug the iPhone on the Reboot Screen, then plug it back in. Worked just fine for me even with the IPSW 1, 2_3.0_7A341_restore.ipsw and Version 3.01.

  20. hi
    Im getting unable to recognize specified ipsw message whene i want to jailbreak my 3.0.1 FW.
    i use custom FW.3 for jailbreaking

  21. I did everything and it went well all the way to the end. (3GS with 3.0.1, etc) I have cydia installed but when I select it, it immediately crashes. Did I miss something in the jb process? I did not receive any errors or issues other than cydia not running, just have the icon sitting on the phone.

  22. In regards to my post on Aug. 11th. I decided to try this again using the exact same redsnow and 3.0.ispw I had originally tried to use. Only difference is that I put the .ispw on the desktop. Ran redsnow v8 again and everything worked perfect. I did have to browse to the software on the desktop.

    Also, not one of my themes were working before (black background). Now all themes are working as well.

    So, I suppose if you have this problem, just keep trying every so often until redsnow recognizes the 3.0 .ispw. Don’t forget to put it on the desktop.

  23. I have jailbroken my ipohne 3G with redsnOw 0.8 and after completing, it does not show a thing. It only shows a black screen with some light in the background. On restarting, it shows me the “connect to itunes” image.

    Whats the next step after that?


  24. Help,tried the jailbreak a couple of times now got the right ipsw and redsnow 0.7 but it will go so far then i get redsnow exe has encountered a problem send error message to microsoft any ideas???? cheers

  25. after ive used redsnow and it finishes downloadin jalbreak data its tellin me to connect to itunes

  26. Hi, I have jailbreaked my Iphone 3g before, but am having a problem this time,
    I follow all the steps like normal, and it freezes at the end when it says downloading jailbreak data…. I have tried unplugging the cable and putting it back in but it still stays on this screen. I have also tried doing this a few times and it does the same everytime,
    Can anyone help me or has anyone had the same problem??

  27. Hi REGI,
    I have a iphone 3G 3.1 firmaware with PWnage tool installled. On startup, pineapple logo appears indicating the software. It was working fine
    I decide to install redsn0w reboot the device and it loose the list of telephone companies. I just try to switch off and on , but iphone just shows the pineapple LOGO. It blocks Does not advance.
    Help will be very good

  28. Hi guys-

    I did exctly what the article instructed and it worked perfectly. no unplugging, etc. took all of 1.5 minutes. 3GS 3.0.1 stock ATT >>>pwned 3.0

  29. Hi guys-

    I did exctly what the article instructed and it worked perfectly. no unplugging, etc. took all of 1.5 minutes. 3GS 3.0.1 stock u.s.a. ATT >>>pwned 3.0, now i’m about to unlock it. I’m in panama, so the next step is to hack in to C&W’s 3G network


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