iPhone Epic Fail

AiS Yesterday, I did the one thing that every iPhone and iPod touch user is convinced will never happen to them… I shattered my iPhone. Yep, my iPhone finally took that fatal fall. To be honest, I have dropped my iPhone on multiple occasions so, when it took a dive yesterday, I wasn’t too concerned. I picked it up, brushed it off and almost put it in my purse without looking at it. For some reason, I took a quick glance and to my horror the lower forth of my iPhone was completely shattered!

It took a second for the full implications of what had just happened to set in. After the initial shock wore off, sadness seeped in. My beautiful, smooth iPhone was now cracked and jagged. It looked awful!

After further examination, it seemed as though it must have fallen straight down onto the bottom right corner (on cement)… not exactly that ideal place for your iPhone to land. And being that I’m a case hater, my naked iPhone did not withstand the impact well. :(

When we got home Doug took my precious iPhone, removed the SIM and traded it for one of our test iPhones. So, although I have a “new” iPhone (really it’s Doug’s old 3G), I still miss the one I had invested so much time and energy into. So sad.

I told Doug that it might just be time to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS!

Moral of the Story… invest in a case.


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  1. im sure it still works… i used my first generation iphone like that didnt really care and then it fell again and the bottom half of the screen didnt work anymore LOL and that was when i upgraded to the 3g.. n o boy do i take care of it!! so yea let the shattered iphone give the last of it!! unless its now a test iphone hehehe

  2. Fix it yourself for 50 bucks. Full instructions on YouTube.

  3. MaverickC17 says

    This is a great opportunity for Doug to see how easy or not so easy it is to replace an iPhone screen with one of those kits they sell online.

    • Yeah, we jut watched a video. It doesn’t look too bad… totally doable.

    • dont do it i got one and it not easy if u just want to replace the screen, u have to break it out of the holder and melt the glue that holds it

      but if u want to replace the digitizer its pretty easy

  4. this is making me consider a case for my iphone. the only problem is i cant find one that I like. to bad…

    • I use a incase slider and it works for me great. It is light weight and hard shell. I found no problems with it so far. Every once in a while I will take my phone out of it and just clean the dust out of it.

  5. aww sooo sad.. this happened to me a few months ago to my 3G. Apple gave me a refurb for FREEE!!

  6. try a rebel scholar i have had many cases including incase sliders and other silicon ones and this rebel scholar is the best out of all of them and the have some sleek designs

  7. Its incredibly easy to fix. Ive fixed about 32 so far and swapped out about 40 batteries. All you need to do is buy a digitizer and the adhesive on ebay. Usually runs you about $20. E-Mail me if you have questions.

  8. Get the otter defender case

  9. Good grief! The way that shattered actually sent a shiver down my spine. I’ll have to agree with the earlier posts that said to fix it for ~$50, though. It’s not as bad as it looks, it’s just a flesh wound!

  10. doesn’t look like the actual lcd broke, just the top part

  11. Hi, There is a place right here in Miami that will replace the glass for $100 while you wait during lunch.

  12. Hi again, sorry that’s $90 and it is located at NE 151 St. and NE 21 Ave. in North Miami.

  13. What is the name of the theme in the pic? I like the background wallpaper

  14. best case is the incipio feather case. its very minimal and lightweight. its also made from polycarbonate, which is extremely impact resistent.

    I don’t recommend a white one though… or any one with too light of a color. I loved the white on my phone but it eventually got really dirty looking.


  15. Apple wants $200 to fix a 3G screen. You can find local businesses that will fix it for $59 in Atlanta GA. 3GS screens are slightly more.

    But best of all I found a local Jewish college student on Craig’s list who offered me $200 cash for a broken 3G. He sells them overseas for a lot more after fixing them. I took his offer as I would have incurred the cost of $50-$60 for the screen, and more for the battery which would have to be replaced soon. I used his $200 and a few dollars more to pay off AT&T to close the old account and to buy a new 3GS. I got a new warranty worth $70, a better battery, and a much better iPhone that is faster with more features.

    If you don’t want the hassle of fixing it this might be an idea for you to consider.

  16. Ive fixed a bunch of 3Gs, takes me 30mins and 30 bucks on eBay and that’s screen and adhesive.
    I charge 85$ and people WILL PAY!

  17. I used my 2g shattered for over a year. You get used to it after a little

  18. I’ll fix it for 50 bucks lol. I’ve dropped my previous iPhones on concrete pretty hard but never hard enough to do that much damage. Always been a case hater to, but I decided that I need one for the 3GS. If something happened to this one I’d probably die of a heart attack. Lol

  19. I don’t dare to carry my iPhone around without a case. I don’t like most cases since they hide the beauty of the phone but the clear cases still allow you to see it and don’t add bulk to the phone. I recommend the clear hard Agent 18 case. The phone may still be damaged depending on the way it lands but I’ve had my phone for a year and so far there is no scratch!

  20. I had dropped my 3G many times, got a bunch of nicks but not cracks like this. Greezus!

  21. I know you’ll probably HATE the design but the good old incipio silicon case with the plastic backing shell has saved my phone TWICE.

    I dropped it from a height of 5 feet onto a stone floor and it hit the corner with no damage. Another time I dropped it in the parking lot, also no damage.

    I’m a big fan now.


  22. sorry for that brooke.. i know the feeling.. :(

  23. For cases, I recommend the Toughskin or Pixelskin by Speck. They offer great protection from drops.

  24. I just did that horrible thing…shattered the glass. Waaaaahhh! It still works just fine…guess I’ll get used to the “mosaic” effect.

  25. Lol belkin silicone case saved my iPod touch from being run over by a car. I dropped it in a parking lot and a car ran over it. Picked it and the screen wasn’t even scratched. Case cost $10


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