Friday Night Movie Night: Lopeard 3.0 Beta 2a Theme

WinterboardThis is really sweet. It’s a Winterboard theme that looks like Mac OS X. Check out the video below. It’s not available yet but we’ll keep you up to date on when it’s released.

Official Site

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  1. wow thats real cool.. cant wait to check that out

  2. This is pretty impressive :P

  3. Um, that wouldn’t happen to be leopard would it?

  4. when would that be available and will you be able to download the .deb file straight from their website?

  5. This looks really cool! :D

  6. therealduckie says

    This is a horrible representation of Leopard. I see so many problems–

    1. Login screen buttons and alignment are completely off.
    2. The login screen looks NOTHING like the real one.
    3. What’s the point of having a login screen without an actual password input?
    4. My bet is that the user image on the login screen is the designer’s face and can’t be changed.
    5. None of the dialog windows have shadows ad the font placement is wrong.
    6. The menus (file, edit, etc) are all stretched and aren’t app specific.
    7. The menus don’t go away unless you click something else.
    8. The real ‘Stacks’ in the dock would show all the icons in the folder as a group while on the dock…not the arrow.
    9. the Dock items are too far apart and the reflections don’t all match.
    10. The dock is not able to be configured.
    11. ‘Finder’ or ‘HD’ “windows” do not show any file system and are only there for show.
    12. HD icon should be ‘Macintosh HD’
    13. Trash does nothing, so it’s wasted space.
    14. Launching an app opens it in the wrong direction. (Not all apps can turn/adjust to the angle of the device)
    15. If you’re going to emulate a Mac, at least change ‘Pictures’ to ‘iPhoto’…or else change the icon to the Pictures folder.
    16. Stacks are not configurable. No drag and drop support. Pointless since you have no control over what you want to put in it.
    17. Finder Menu (File, edit, etc) is missing to items: ‘Window’ and ‘Help’
    18. missing shadows for open Finder windows.
    19. Missing shadow AND transparency on the Finder bar.
    20. Menu images were taken from Snow Leopard, not Leopard. (why do they have shadows but the bar doesn’t?)
    21. Menu items are completely wrong. Preferences, for instance, would be in the Apple Menu.
    22. No working Apple Menu.
    23. Why is the only link on his page a donation link?

    Seriously, you can berate me all you want about how I am being mean, but Apple’s GUI guidelines are very specific. I have studied them for over 15 years and I know every nuance. This is FAR from being usable. iPhone OS is more usable than this. I know. I made the Leopard UI theme in Cydia and it was difficult just to emulate what little I was able to accomplish.

    This is the best I was able to accomplish with the limitations offered by iPhone OS 3.0:

  7. when and where can we down load this. Not on cydia yet

  8. munich, germany! yyay

  9. too much stuff… it gona take too long to actually look for wat ever u want to look for… i mean it looks cool buh its gona b real slow if u r trying to look for an app

  10. This looks really awesome, although I’m not a really big fan of landscape themes

  11. i just donate to that man and i did not get the beta :(