It’s Only Rock and Roll [liveblog]

AppleApple’s events starts today at 10am Pacific, 12pm (noon) Central, & 1pm Eastern. I’d say for sure there will be a camera in the iPod touch, possible the Nano and updates to iTunes making it more “social”. There’s also been talk of the App Store approval process practically coming to a halt the last few days, so maybe there are some new apps coming, or new features to the App Store. (push notifications please!) I’ll be posting anything and everything I can find that effects the iPhone or iPod touch here over the next few hours so refresh often!

event banner

1:21 – Well the event is over and no camera for the iPod touch. CRAZY! We’ll get some articles out with details on all the news from today shortly.

1:09 – Nora Jones has come out to play. Seems they are not adding a camera to the iPod touch. Major #fail here…

1:03 – Not iPhone news, but nano is getting an FM tuner, pedometer, larger display, voiceover, microphone and speaker too.



1:02 – Just the Nano has gotten the camera so far…

12:56 – They are moving on to the iPod Classic. No word on camera for the iPod touch yet…

12:55 – iPod touch will now support Open GL.

12:52 – New Prices and sizes for the iPod touch! $199 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB!

ipod prices

12:48 – EA demos Madden NFL 2010 for the iPhone and iPod touch! Available in the App Store now!


12:45 – Gameloft demos a new FPS called Nova.


12:36 – There are 607 titles on PSP, 3680 on DS, and 21,178 on iPhone OS


12:32 – iPod Touch now does genius mixes as well.

12:23 – You can even share iPhone apps between 5 home computers. (btw, you can already do this by having two iPhone/iPod touches on the same iTunes account.)

12:13 – Improved Syncing, App Management, Albums will come with videos, lyrics, etc, Store Redesign, Drag and drop sharing music between 5 home computers.



12:10 – Over 30,000 ringtones can be bought right from the iPhone, at $1.29 a pop

12:05 – 3.1 is a free download, beginning today.




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  1. So there is no link to watch this live?

  2. hmmmm 3.1….. well, I really don’t want to lose tethering

  3. finally! an fm tuner. and it only took almost a decade!

  4. I’m using the stock tethering via the updated carrier settings. Yeah I’ll be holding off as well. Where are they at with the 3.1 Jailbreak……is generating that SSID & stuff still applicable on 3gs?

  5. What are the best brands of pedometer on the market?’–

  6. i always use my pedometer whenever i go out for jogging.,;;