New App Store Feature – Top Grossing (no upgrade required)

Top Grossing A new feature has been added to the App Store, Top Grossing. Top Grossing displays the top 25 (or 50) grossing apps in the App Store. Currently MADDEN NFL 10 is the number one grossing application… and it was just released yesterday!

You do not need to upgrade to the 3.1 firmware or to iTunes 9 in order to see the new feature. Just head over to the App Store application and select the Top 25 option on the lower menu bar. You will then notice a new Top Grossing option at the top of the page (next to Top Paid and Top Free).

It will display the top 25 grossing applications with the option to see the top 50. I assume it will update just like the Top Paid and Top Free features do.

Honestly, I think it is kind of interesting. Check it out.


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  1. Funny that Apple announced it actually 24h after us with the exact same name :)