TamWalls [2] – Wallpaper Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

TamWalls [2] ominousroad TamWalls [2] is a wallpaper pack that contains 20 wallpapers. The pack does seem to be mostly made up mostly of landscapes or abstract images (see screenshots below). The wallpapers were chosen by Tamara, hence the title of the pack. Remember, when you install this wallpaper pack, the wallpapers are added to your stock Settings application under Wallpapers. You can get TamWalls [2] via the MacCiti source.

Also check out TamWalls (another wallpaper pack by Tamara).

Note: If you would like to manually delete some of the wallpapers once you install the pack, you can ssh into the Library/Wallpapers folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch and delete them from there.


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