Slide to Unlock Killer

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Slide to Unlock Killer is a mod that removes the text from the slider bars on your iPhone or iPod touch. It removed both the “slide to unlock” and the “slide to power off” text. The actual slider bar remains, just the text is removed. This is nice for lock screen mods that change the slider bar.

The mod can be activated/deactivated via WinterBoard. Also, the title of the mod in WinterBoard is EntriegelKiller. You can get Slide to Unlock Killer via the Touch-Mania source.


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  1. You can use iFile to change all the system strings (like “slide to unlock”) to whatever you want them to say. It’s really easy and a very cool mod to have. There used to be other ways to do this using SSH or Customize, but using iFile is the easiest way yet. Go to System/Library/CoreServices/, then choose your language (English.lproj for English), open SpringBoard.strings and edit the phrase you want edited found in between the quotations marks.

    Edit the phrase that contains capital and lower case letters, NOT the one with only capital letters.

    • DUDE!! Thank you sooo much!! I’m new to this jailbreaking stuff. I have an iPhone 4 and am not used to this. All these people say to use the app called “Slide to Unlock Killer” but it isn’t available in Cydia anymore. Thanks to you though, I don’t need it.

  2. I am curious as to what slider theme you are using there, because it looks good.

  3. Yeah I always just use ifile and edit the spring board strings. That way you can change any of them to what ever you want.

  4. i prefer to just ssh

    • How do you edit SpringBoard.strings SSHing on 3.x? I wasn’t able to open it for editing like I used to be able to.

    • stash
      Springboard Strings

      then yeah you can edit them. Pretty easy once you do it

  5. May I also ask what theme you are using to make the lockscreen semi-transparent like that? It looks really nice.

  6. well i think i cnt get it becs i thin? tht i have nwer ver oc cydia ):

  7. I can’t find the Slide to unlock killer in Cydia . How do I get it because when I type it in , nothing is showing up .

  8. hi,
    i wanted to change my lock screen text and i did go to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard. but my text hasn’t changed.
    and my font is awful now such as enter passcode, missed call name, sms name. and i wanted to go back to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard but it can’t be opened. system error says.
    what should i do? please help please

  9. I have everything downloaded, (Cydia, WinterBoard, iFile, Slide To Unlock Killer). When I go to iFile, EntriegelKiller doesn’t show up. What else do I need to do or where did I go wrong?