iDon’t Care – Reply to Verizon’s iDon’t Ad

##ICON_NAME## Ok guys, this video technically hit YouTube about a week ago but I thought I would post it for those of you who haven’t seen it. It is in reply to the Verizon Droid ad – “iDon’t.” It’s pretty fun. Ok honestly… I totally laughed out loud! :)


iDon’t Care

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  1. eFoooooobar says

    LOL!! I love it! Is the reply an official spot from Apple, or was it a third-party response?

  2. HAHAH! So awesome!

  3. Yeah, it seem apple does not care…. about their customers.

  4. HAHAHA!

  5. Droidkiller says

    The iPhone is the best, nice reply…
    IPHONE + iTunes = droidskiller

  6. There’s a reason why we ALL have iPhones.

  7. Kim Kardash says

    Lol! Droid Sucks major ***! Blackberry Storm, G1, and others have tried, but the only thing that’ll top an iPhone will be another product from Apple, be it an iPhone 4G or another advanced form of it ;)

  8. well if you’re on a jailbroken iphone 3gs like i am the you really don’t care….or is that iDon’t really care, lol.

  9. ha..ha..iphone is number 1st

  10. I had the Storm; left Verizon and gladly paid the termination fee to get the Iphone! Love this phone, although if I wasn’t jailbroken….To the Droid, never. Just an ugly phone in my view. And I like virtual keyboards…

  11. Sweet!!! I love it! I hope that this is a real commercial from Apple. And I hope that it gets run on TV a lot as much as the Droid commercial does. The R2D2 sight gag made me chuckle. :)

  12. No matter what you say or do…The iPhone has revolutionalized the mobile market. Thanks to it… the others are competing…. The always no # 1

  13. Epic, so epic.

  14. Say what you want about Android, the iDon’t ad does mention some things the iPhone should be able to do that its competitors don’t do, mainly simulataneous apps. The push notification service is not a valid substitute in my eyes.

    After owning and using an iPhone since the first model, I personally am looking forward to my contract running out so I can get an Android phone. I won’t have to wait for a group of people to release a program that allows me to customize it and install what I want. I’ll be able to do that by default.

    Once the stuff the iDon’t ad mentions comes to the iPhone (a lot Apple will have to implement if they hope to remain competitive) I’m sure everyone who loves the iDon’t Care ad will go nuts and say how awesome Apple is.

    My $0.02

  15. Why doesn’t anyone mention the iPhone’s great updates via software. We don’t need to buy a new phone to get lots of new features.

  16. I love my MacBook Pro, my iMac, and all three of my iPods- But there’s nothing that could get me to switch to AT&T just for an iPhone. Except if AT&T had Verizon’s service.

    I got a Droid two days ago, and it’s pretty incredible (although the ads are stupid). Free Google Nav is a killer feature. That alone blows away any iPhone. And for such new platform, the selection of apps is pretty impressive. Though nowhere near 100K.

    If iPhone comes to Verizon, I MIGHT consider it. But it seems to me that a Droid is every bit as powerful– and in some ways more so.