Apple to Sell $99 8GB iPhone 3GS?

AppleThere’s not much info for this rumor, but someone started it, so here it is: Apple will sell an 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS for $99. Currently you can only get the 3GS is sizes as low as 16GB. Having 8GB of space on the iPhone 3GS is pushing it. You have your music, videos & apps. Then you add pictures using the bigger 3MP camera & videos of 640×480 at 30fps you’re going to eat up space quick. Either way, a cheaper iPhone with all the power will be a better choice versus the competition.

iPhone 3GS

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  1. Hard to believe we have gotten to a point where 8GB of space on your PHONE just isn’t enough anymore.

    My wife has my old 3G 8GB and isn’t close to filling the storage space, so there is a market out there of users.

  2. Dancrossin13 says

    Your rite Doug I think this is pushing it a little I take my 3GS to the max all the time using lots of space because of the video feature along with music, books, pictures, podcasts, apps, & a few movies & I’m sporting a 32GB.
    Come to think of it, man I got a lot of crap on my iPhone!
    Help me out here, what all do you guys have on your iPhone.

  3. They should use the new iPhone on AT&T and have the 3GS on Verizon.