Ustream + Backgrounder = Live Streaming Apps

UstreamOk, so today I was at Sports Clips getting my son’s hair cut and Buffalo Wild Wings next door has wifi so I decided to test out the Ustream app some more. I wanted to tweet about it so I used backgrounder to keep Ustream running in the background while I tweeted. What I found out later when I got home to watch the video is if you combine Ustream with Backgrounder it streams your springboard along with any app that’s running. Unfortunately it only streams the top half to two thirds of your screen. Check out the videos below:

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  1. Doug Chapin says

    So, I did a test with Qik+Backgrounder and Bambuser+Backgrounder. Result Qik stops broadcasting as soon as you enable Backgrounder. Bambuser “pauses” until you come back into the app, then resumes broadcasting. I can’t get Flixwagon to open anymore, so someone else will have to try it. But for now, looks like Ustream is the only “broadcaster” which will work in the background.

  2. Great find Doug! i wonder if you open another app like a game what will happen

  3. Knocking Vid allows you to broadcast your whole screen (when you background it) to someone else’s iPhone, but no recording.

    • I think all that ustream would have to do is add the full screen as an option. :) I imagine there is an att restriction on the size to conserve bandwidth, but another user posted that Knocking Vid does allow to whole screen.

      Still, pretty slick. I also found several other ustreams testing the back-grounding the same time I was. I will be interesting to see if ustream changes their maximum screen size for streaming.

  4. Pretty cool discovery. I will have to play with that and try it out. Thanks for the post

  5. ‘wifi’ could always use 3g unrestrictor!

  6. When I use the Ustream app, its very, very slow, after like 5 minutes i can eventually establish a coneection on my computer, but then its verty laggy and slow, and usually keeps pausing and stays paused in intervals of like 3 minutes…..i dont think its my iphone, its a 3gs and has 5 bars on 3g…..maybe its my computer, nut ive tried several computers at diffferent locations….what do u guys think.howd u get it to work so well in the video?

  7. Am using backgrounder with the Sirius Canada app and works great. 3g Unrestrictor + slingbox app also works, but the 3g can at times struggle with the dl speeds, not as quick as wifi.


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