Ustream + Backgrounder = Live Streaming Apps

UstreamOk, so today I was at Sports Clips getting my son’s hair cut and Buffalo Wild Wings next door has wifi so I decided to test out the Ustream app some more. I wanted to tweet about it so I used backgrounder to keep Ustream running in the background while I tweeted. What I found out later when I got home to watch the video is if you combine Ustream with Backgrounder it streams your springboard along with any app that’s running. Unfortunately it only streams the top half to two thirds of your screen. Check out the videos below:

Ustream Live Broadcaster App Approved

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

UstreamApple has finally approved the live streaming app by Previously there was an app for viewing live streams and an app for recording video and uploading it later but not live streaming. This is huge and will most likely lead to the approval of Qik for the iPhone too. Previously these types of apps were only available by jailbreaking your iPhone. With the recent approval of the video streaming app, Knocking Live Video, supposedly directly approved by Steve Jobs himself after initial denial, we will most likely see all of these types of apps approved.

The Ustream application is very nice. It allows you to see live chat from your viewers, create a poll and have viewers vote live on the video and you can see the results, you can automatically have it upload the video to YouTube or Facebook when you’re done, and you can have it tweet when you’re streaming live. I tested it over wifi and here’s the results:

Ustream Broadcaster
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Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

UstreamBroadcasterThe Mobile app has to be one of the coolest apps that I have played with. On my personal website ( I have a section on my sidebar for live streaming from I really haven’t used this much but this mobile app may make it easier to live stream whatever my heart desires.

To get instructions for the download, you can go to You will need to sign up for a account if you do not currently have one.

Once you have set up your account, open Cydia. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone yet, you will not be able to use the Mobile App. You can download a Watch App from the App Store but to be able to live stream from the phone, you will need to jailbreak your phone.
1. Once you have opened Cydia tap “Sections” at the bottom.
2. On the next screen, tap “Multimedia”.
3. Then tap the letter “u” to find the UstreamBroadcaster.
4. Then install and confirm the installation of the app.
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View Live Video Streams from

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

UstreamUstream has just released a new app that allows you to watch live streaming video from any of their channels right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application was just released so we’ll get a full review soon. They also have an application ready to go that will stream right from your iPhone to their website or other iPhone. It will be in the App Store soon as long as Apple approves it. So far, Apple has not allowed any apps that let you record video although they also were not letting in alternate internet browser but now they do. Here’s a video demo by Chris Pirillo of the playback version:

Watch demo from your iPhone or iPod Touch