Last Ten Games on Sale for “25 Games ‘Til Xmas Sale”

##ICON_NAME## EA Mobile has decided to put ten games on sale until the end of their “25 Game ‘Til Xmas Sale” promotion. You can get the following games, for the prices listed below, until the end of the sale. I’m not sure if they will also continue to release daily games on sale or if these are the final ten. Some of these game have already been on sale, some have not.

Spore Origins ($1.99)
Snood ($0.99)
Auditorium ($0.99)
Sudoku ($0.99)
Connect 4 ($0.99)
Anytime Pool ($0.99)
Zombies & Me ($0.99)
Jewel Quest Mysteries ($1.99)
Mystery Mania ($.99)
Command & Conquer Red Alert ($4.99)

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