SpringBoard Rotator Preview

YouTubeSomething the iPhone should have done stock from day one is rotate the homescreen icons when you turn your iPhone horizontally. Finally, Limneos has developed a mod that does just that. It’s not available yet but you can check out the video below for a preview.


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  1. Any idea when this will be released?

  2. Iphonejunky says

    Blah blah this hack was previewed over a year ago and the guy never came out with it..I don’t think people should post or review anything till it’s actually released..

    • you are right , i had the alpha version of this hack long time back but it never reached its final stage… although i have to say it did work pretty well for an alpha version at that time.

  3. What lock screen is that? Also i’ve been saying that the springboard should be doable in landscape forever!!!! GREAT THINGS!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  4. Did you notice, that he is running element aplication (in the settings menu). And

  5. This is pretty nice. I agree that it should’ve been a feature on stock iDevices.

  6. It’s going to be a feature in the OS 4.0 to bring it back up with the ipad. One OS for all ipads,iPods, and iPhones

  7. It’s been released