Opera Posts Countup Since App Was Submitted to Apple

OperaBy the looks of things, and ongoing language from Opera, they aren’t too worried about being rejected from the App Store. They’ve posted a big, huge countup from the time they submitted the Opera Browser to the App Store. I’m guessing Apple doesn’t do so well with kind of attitude and, like the Google Voice App, they may never reject, nor approve the app and leave it in limbo forever…


Visit the official countup page at my.opera.com/community/countup

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  1. iphoneLover says

    In your professional opinion .Do you see this app grtting approoved by apple? if not why!?

  2. I’ve read that it’ll be rejected because it directly competes with the stock web browser (Safari) on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  3. There’s a rule in the SDK, “No duplicating core features”. It depends on what a “core feature” is.

  4. There’s dozens of Web browsers in the App store.

    Opera’s so fast as it uses a proxy to squeeze web pages. As such it is unsecure for things like Internet commerce etc.

    If you want the same load speed with Safari, go to http://www.skweezer.com/

  5. Actually, all the web browsers on the app store use the built in UIWebView, this is what MobileSafari uses. Therefore, they don’t have different web browsers, they are all Safari. But each one is like an “addon/theme”. Except you can’t have all the “addons/themes” running at the same time. There were a couple other browsers that didn’t use UIWebView, they have since been removed.

    To sum up, all web browsers on the App Store are Safari. They just look different and have different features. Opera Mobile will NOT use UIWebView, and will load up faster too :) Safari takes too long to load :(

  6. Opera Mini on Appstore pfsss LOL Steve just banned iDroid Mini soooo lets just forget about it!!!!