Windows Phone 7 Theme for Your iPhone

Wrong, so so wrong… woocash-kun on has posted a theme for the iPhone that looks just like the new Windows Phone 7 software. This isn’t just for the home screen but it also includes the lockscreen and loading screens. It’s not available yet for download and of course it’s not for everyone. But if you really want your iPhone to look like Window Phone 7, this looks like the real thing.

According to comments from the author on the deviantart page, he may not release the theme until he’s done with it:

IT’S REALITY. I’m use it non stop, but I’m not sure about releasing it now. Maybe when I going bored and change theme to another. But now, it’s only on my iPhone



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  1. Omg….. feels so wrong but looks so right! I LOVE IT!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RELEASE THIS, I WANT IT!!!! And just for good measure… PLEEEEAASSEE!!!!

  2. That looks so awesome

  3. Really?

  4. I just want that lockscreen!!!!

  5. Awesome!!…not, lol. He can keep that theme to himself.

  6. Erm, yeah, graphically I think the WM7 is nice – but do I really want to spend all day scrolling ?