Windows Phone 7 Theme for Your iPhone

Wrong, so so wrong… woocash-kun on has posted a theme for the iPhone that looks just like the new Windows Phone 7 software. This isn’t just for the home screen but it also includes the lockscreen and loading screens. It’s not available yet for download and of course it’s not for everyone. But if you really want your iPhone to look like Window Phone 7, this looks like the real thing.

According to comments from the author on the deviantart page, he may not release the theme until he’s done with it:
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Apple Cleans Up App Store, Removes Naughty Apps

AppleThis is strange, very strange. Apple has removed all apps that contain, well, almost anything sexual. They seem to have changed their rules, once again, on what is allowed in the App Store. Developers are reporting info with the following standards:

1. No images of women in bikinis
2. No images of men in bikinis!
3. No skin
4. No silhouettes that indicate that Wobble can be used for wobbling boobs
5. No sexual connotations or innuendo: boobs, babes, booty, sex – all banned
6. Nothing that can be sexually arousing!!
7. No apps will be approved that in any way imply sexual content

Ok, so first of all, I can tell you that so far it seems to be true. Last week I just taught a class teaching parents how to use the parental control features of the iPhone and iPod touch to protect their kids against apps in the App Store. I was showing them that even in the top 25 free apps, adult apps would show up even without searching for terms. These apps are no longer there and they were there for quite a while. What’s also strange is that apps like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the Playboy apps are still in the store.

Apple originally banned these types of apps and then later allowed them. Now they are banning them again. Maybe they started to ban them at the beginning of the App Store days and then started getting sued and decided to allow them. Now, after getting legal things straightened out, they started banning again? Who knows…

Note: I’ve noticed that apps that have textual descriptions about sex positions are still in the store… Maybe it’s just a visual thing.

Apple Removes Flash Content From iPad Ads

AppleI noticed that when Steve Jobs was doing his demo of the new iPad, he quickly skipped over areas of webpages that had flash on them. There was, just like the iPhone, a little blue cube where the flash belongs. This has disappointed everyone that the new device won’t support flash. Most likely, Apple doesn’t allows flash on it’s iPhone, iPod touch and new iPad because it doesn’t want users bypassing the paid for App Store for free flash game sites.

Anyway, Apple was displaying their iPad on their website with the flash working. Not sure how they missed this one but they have now updated the images. This would mean they do not intend to have flash working on the device any time soon.

before after


Facebook iPhone App Experiencing Connection Issues (It’s Not Just You)

FacebookMy grandma has been texting me for the past couple days asking me to help her fix her Facebook iPhone App. She said it’s not refreshing her news feed and can’t see people’s walls. I told her to shake it :) (that forces the app to refresh.) It didn’t work. Then I noticed I am having the same issues. Have you been experiencing problems? Let us know in the comments. I checked out Twitter and it looks like we’re not the only ones:

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Friday Night Movie Night: AT&T Tries To Explain Why MMS Took So Long

AT&TOk, I have A LOT to say about all of this, so here goes. First, I’ve officially created a #fail category for our website. AT&T seems to continue to fail so much that I thought we needed the category to keep track of it all. Next, I really need to rant about the AT&T “blogging” guy. It’s really sad that they give him any kind of “tech” title. He’s is the epitome of what tech guys do not want to be. I really think that whoever hired him thought that he was such a “nerd” that he would relate to all the iPhone “techie” people.

I mean seriously, if you had some real tech guy like, Kevin Rose, or someone “normal” sit down and say, “Look, we’re sorry that we’re so far behind. The iPhone really just uses way more bandwidth than other devices and it caught us off guard. We’re working really hard to get it right, and when we do, we’re gonna get you tethering too. And since we’re slacking, we’re gonna give you the first 6 months of tethering for free. And we’re sorry we said end of summer. We missed it by a few days, our bad…”, we’d all probably be kewl with AT&T. That all said, we’d actually be kewl with them if they actually had MMS back when the iPhone first launched. As you all already know, most free phones even come with MMS. I’m on my 3rd iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, for sure the more advanced phone EVER and I can’t text someone a picture.

And tethering! My crappy old black and white screened Palm used to tether to my laptop via serial cable 8 years ago! Since I’m on a very long rant, may I add that I have no 3G in my area but I still pay the upgraded $30 data fee. It used to be $20 with the 1st Gen iPhone. An AT&T rep told me the increased fee was because of GPS. FYI: GPS is ran by the US Military. It’s free. That’s why you can buy a TomTom and have no monthly fees. To those saying it’s because of AGPS (assisted by cell towers), baloney! Also the network is now so bad in my area that I guarantee it’s worse than dial-up and I pretty much can’t use it. Thankfully I have wireless most places.

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