Friday Night Movie Night: AT&T Tries To Explain Why MMS Took So Long

AT&TOk, I have A LOT to say about all of this, so here goes. First, I’ve officially created a #fail category for our website. AT&T seems to continue to fail so much that I thought we needed the category to keep track of it all. Next, I really need to rant about the AT&T “blogging” guy. It’s really sad that they give him any kind of “tech” title. He’s is the epitome of what tech guys do not want to be. I really think that whoever hired him thought that he was such a “nerd” that he would relate to all the iPhone “techie” people.

I mean seriously, if you had some real tech guy like, Kevin Rose, or someone “normal” sit down and say, “Look, we’re sorry that we’re so far behind. The iPhone really just uses way more bandwidth than other devices and it caught us off guard. We’re working really hard to get it right, and when we do, we’re gonna get you tethering too. And since we’re slacking, we’re gonna give you the first 6 months of tethering for free. And we’re sorry we said end of summer. We missed it by a few days, our bad…”, we’d all probably be kewl with AT&T. That all said, we’d actually be kewl with them if they actually had MMS back when the iPhone first launched. As you all already know, most free phones even come with MMS. I’m on my 3rd iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, for sure the more advanced phone EVER and I can’t text someone a picture.

And tethering! My crappy old black and white screened Palm used to tether to my laptop via serial cable 8 years ago! Since I’m on a very long rant, may I add that I have no 3G in my area but I still pay the upgraded $30 data fee. It used to be $20 with the 1st Gen iPhone. An AT&T rep told me the increased fee was because of GPS. FYI: GPS is ran by the US Military. It’s free. That’s why you can buy a TomTom and have no monthly fees. To those saying it’s because of AGPS (assisted by cell towers), baloney! Also the network is now so bad in my area that I guarantee it’s worse than dial-up and I pretty much can’t use it. Thankfully I have wireless most places.

Ok, I think I’m done… So now for the video that got me going on all of this:

Here’s some of the stuff going through my head as I watched this:

Think of the internet as a series of tubes…

Does this guy ever give his eyebrows a rest?

Look, the 1st Gen iPhone!!! Wait… it doesn’t even support MMS!
Picture 1

Why didn’t they take a picture of a real switching center?
Picture 2

The word sorry wasn’t used once…


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  1. Applause!!!

  2. Apple should just pay an early termination fee to AT&T and go elsewhere.

  3. I think his Q cards should have been over the camera. It looked like he was looking to his right most of the time.

  4. If network traffic is expanding @ over 300% year over year, is $18,000,000,000 going to be enough to even maintain the crappy service you currently have? Maybe you should kick up the investment portion of the balance sheet…

  5. One other thing,
    IF every other phone on your network has had MMS for YEARS, why the need to recalibrate your tower radios for the iPhone?
    I call BULL $&*T

  6. The reason GPS uses more bandwidth is because the iPhone doesn’t have all of the maps saved onto it. Although the GPS receiver uses satellites, loading the interactive moving maps to your phone does use at&t’s cell network. The GPS app is a $10 paid subscription too…

    And the reason the data plan was $30 was because at&t purchased the phone from apple when the 3g came around and decided to subsidize the price of the device while making it include the same data package as the other PDAs and slower blackberrys. although this sucks, it makes sense?

  7. Does he have a wig?

  8. Dustin James says

    I here you about the blog guy not being that cool…

    but I do want to just let you know that att, like every other company, sub-contracts videographers and designers..

    therefore… the people making these videos was the one who placed the picture of the iphone 2g..

    and the service station… is really just a small white square building.

    • It’s just weird how they showed actual pictures of their stuff later in the video, but here he says something like, “Here’s what this looks like”, and they used a drawing…

  9. Okay, so I’m a little confused. If the first gen. iPhone doesn’t support MMS, then why can I send (texting not email) and recieve pictures on my jailbroken iPhone on Tmobile…Does MMS mean something other than pictures? I thought it was supposed to be a hardware thing? Please clarify for me!

    • at&t will not enable iPhone 2g to do picture messaging on its network. at&t and apple will also not create a software update that gives the 2g iPhone the built in mms option in the messaging app. if you can do mms on your iphone, its probably through a 3rd party app.

  10. Screw Att