Facebook iPhone App Experiencing Connection Issues (It’s Not Just You)

FacebookMy grandma has been texting me for the past couple days asking me to help her fix her Facebook iPhone App. She said it’s not refreshing her news feed and can’t see people’s walls. I told her to shake it :) (that forces the app to refresh.) It didn’t work. Then I noticed I am having the same issues. Have you been experiencing problems? Let us know in the comments. I checked out Twitter and it looks like we’re not the only ones:

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  1. Yup, same issue here

  2. I do have a few issues,but not enough to not show me the posts,i get issues like notifications not refreshing instantly,i get them with a delay even though i am on the APP.

    Now the FB online is the worst,do not get me started on that issue.

    I enjoy the Iphone FB App the most of course.

  3. It seems every I phone user is having this problem. Does anyone know a fix for if

    • I’m having the connectivity issue today but I have not experienced it before today.

      Today everything says “No recent posts.”

  4. I have no problems with my fb app actually the problems is when I use my pc to access my account (to watch vedios, hopfully they fix it for the Iphone) it won’t show older post

  5. same thing here….the wall says “no recent posts” even tho i know there is some

  6. Smokin blue pits says

    Down for the count

  7. The only way I can see recent posts is to update my status, and everytime I try to access my wall the App shuts down automatically. It’s extremely annoying, especially since my PC has a virus and I won’t have access to it for about a week while it gets cleaned out.