Apple Removes Flash Content From iPad Ads

AppleI noticed that when Steve Jobs was doing his demo of the new iPad, he quickly skipped over areas of webpages that had flash on them. There was, just like the iPhone, a little blue cube where the flash belongs. This has disappointed everyone that the new device won’t support flash. Most likely, Apple doesn’t allows flash on it’s iPhone, iPod touch and new iPad because it doesn’t want users bypassing the paid for App Store for free flash game sites.

Anyway, Apple was displaying their iPad on their website with the flash working. Not sure how they missed this one but they have now updated the images. This would mean they do not intend to have flash working on the device any time soon.

before after


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  1. It may be sexy but it’s completely worthless. Once somebody jailbreaks it and backgrounder/proswitch is installed, it has far more use since you can multi-task. The lack of flash really kills it though.

    How Apple have the nerve to say “The best way to experience the web” is beyond me. “The best way to experience an Apple restricted web” is more suitable.

    I’ll wait until December when the next model with a webcam/camera is announced.

    • I don’t understand why Apple just don’t add Flash support. People will find ways round it through jailbreaking anyway, so they may as well just face up to it and include support for it. They had a great chance to make mobile web really great with the iPad by including Flash support.

      I don’t they think that they’ll lose money from the App Store by allowing people to go to free falsh game sites – there are so many other apps that bring in revenue than just games.

    • Games like Bejeweled shouldn’t require a fee anyway. It’s stupid having to pay for an app when you can play the game for free on a main system. It’d be like Microsoft releasing Solitaire for the 360 and charging for downloading it.

      With this restricted iPad release, it’s just Apple being greedy and nothing more.

      Come the end of the year when a newer version is brought out with a camera and some other fancy things, maybe things will of changed. Hopefully one of the devs out there develops Flash for those of us who jailbreak.

  2. I thought the reason to exclude flash was cause of battery life.

    • That’s what I thought. But I guess that is besides the point. At least OFFER it with the ability to turn it off to save battery much in the way you can turn 3G off to conserve battery. Apple can be quite the tyrant in the way they want the consumer to experience things on their devices, LOL. AGAIN I am NOT buying an iPad!

  3. I totally agree with above comments, I will never purchase one of these, I will stick to my jb, 3gs 32gb, it does way more than the ipad. Also I will purchase books when I read, which seems to be the reason for this gadget. Good luck to apple, but I don’t think it’ll fly.

  4. [Lord AnubiS] says

    I really hope this doesn’t sell, it will teach Apple a lesson about compatibility and interoperability…