Will It Blend? – iPad Style

##ICON_NAME## Oh boy, he is at it again… the Will It Blend guy has tried his hand at blending the iPad. I distinctly remember watching aghast as he blended an iPhone two years ago. For those of you sick of all the iPad talk… you might enjoy watching this video. Personally, it made me cringe a little. Especially at the beginning!

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  1. i now have a reason to buy both the blentec blender AND the ipad!!

  2. The cap of the blender is different at beging and end. It a fake

    • DorForce says

      it is the same cap! and i want to ask that guy just one question:

    • Either way he smashed an iPad in half

  3. tomcrown1 says

    Well it should have blended into the new IPhone coming in June. the new IPhone is the miniature I-Pad

  4. Hmm, only good use I see for an iPad right in that video. Good job.