iPhone Firmware 4.0 Beta 1 Jailbroken

DevTeamNow don’t get too excited here, this is just a jailbreak for a beta firmware. It also only has a 58% success restore rate. This isn’t technically even a jailbreak to the 4.0 firmware but an controlled upgrade to 4.0 from a 3.x firmware. But, here it is in video format:

Here’s some other reasons the hackers listed on why this jailbreak won’t be released:

1: It cannot restore on a PC, only a Mac can. There is no way to make it run on a PC.
2: Its very very buggy
3: This is meant for developers to test new api’s.
4: it has a 58% success restore rate.
5: It would promote more piracy. Meaning users would illegally download the ipsw and bypass the UDID trap.

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  1. Prometheus51 says

    seems almost worthless macs are only 3% of computer users in the word so pc’s should be first priority

  2. I jailbroken my extra iPhone 3G that is on 4.0 firmware last night. The only problem is that most of the hacks aren’t compatible wit 4.0 right now… But I least I got my jailbroken “Flashlight.” =D