iPad 3G 64GB vs. Microwave [video]

AppleHere’s a video of an iPad 3G 64GB being cooked in a microwave for 18 minutes. I have no comment… but I’m sure you will so leave them below.

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  1. MexicanBean-er says

    This guy must be rich with money to spare. I’m sure he’ll try to microwave a ferrari or something equivalent in the future. Stupid…

  2. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! >_< if some one dosnt want their ipad i can hold it for them :F

  3. I never have seen anything so stupid.
    Why don’t you also put in the Microwave the Macbook?

    Apple will be happy selling products to crazy people like you……..

    Such amount of R&D for finish like this.

  4. aranmor says

    Oh man, I wish I had one, and they have enough to even destroy them… =(

  5. wow. that is the most annoying guy ever

  6. primarytech says

    Attention seekers, if he had half a brain he would have donated money to a respectful cause.

    I didn’t even bother watching the video, because that’s what this mentally challenged person wants.

  7. Goes to show you that anyone with a little cash and some free time can do.

    Way to much freaking time.

  8. Should have made it flash compatible.

  9. 4 May 2010 … Yes, in this YouTube video, a brand spankin’ new 64GB iPad 3G is lovingly … These purveyors of microwave-inflicted iPad violence will …
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