Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ Campaign – “Apple’s” Response

Adobe If you haven’t already heard, Adobe has launched an ad campaign against Apple (who hasn’t!) in retaliation to the fact that Apple doesn’t allow flash on any of the iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Normally I don’t write about this kind of thing but, someone created “Apple’s” response to Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ campaign and I thought it was funny… ok, I totally laughed out loud when I saw it.

Below are both Adobe’s campaign and “Apple’s” response found over on issaco’s twitter.

‘We ♥ Apple’ Campaign:

weloveapple weloveapple2

Original Tweet:

Apple responds to Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ advertisement – than a minute ago via Tweetie

Note: This is not Apple’s actual response to the ‘We ♥ Apple’ Campaign.

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  1. ROFL!!! I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but as I was reading it, i saw the We * Lego* Adobe, and was like, crap it’s flash, so I clicked the link and made the connection and started LOL’ing like crazy

  2. hahahahaha that was AWESOME~!!!!

  3. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Apple. Wonder what their “real” response would look like.

  4. karan733 says

    pretty childish stuff from apple. makes me embarrased to use their products really.

  5. Perfect!

    Like the one without flash player LOL

  7. superhorse says

    Haha. It’s a shame apple are never going to allow flash because people would play online flash games rather then download them from the app store. I still dont understand how people can buy the ipad if it doesn’t have flash, it’s like a touchscreen laptop that can’t display a huge amount of Internet content. What’s the point!