Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ Campaign – “Apple’s” Response

Adobe If you haven’t already heard, Adobe has launched an ad campaign against Apple (who hasn’t!) in retaliation to the fact that Apple doesn’t allow flash on any of the iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Normally I don’t write about this kind of thing but, someone created “Apple’s” response to Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ campaign and I thought it was funny… ok, I totally laughed out loud when I saw it.

Below are both Adobe’s campaign and “Apple’s” response found over on issaco’s twitter.
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Adobe Brings Flash Applications to the iPhone

It seems that at this year’s Adobe MAX event, Adobe has decided to announce a few applications. The applications use the new Flash Professional CS5. Some of these applications are already available in the App Store.

Along with the new applications, Adobe also announced the ability for developers to use CS5 to start developing their own apps using Flash. “Adobe now makes it possible to create applications for the Apple iPhone using the Adobe Flash Platform. You heard right: We’re really excited to bring this new capability to Flash designers and developers—the ability to target the iPhone with ActionScript 3 projects. You will be able to test this functionality in the forthcoming beta release of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Adobe Labs.” [Read more…]

Flash Support One Step Closer to the iPhone?

One of the most requested features of the iPhone has always been Flash support. I know there are quite a few things that many of you would still like to see implemented into the iPhone but, among the most requested of these is Flash. Some of you might already be up on this but, I thought I would pass it along. Adobe had their MAX event this week (Nov.16th-19th) and during this event they talked about Flash on mobile devices. Apparently, they well underway to implementing Flash on Windows Mobile devices and as well as the G1 (Google Android). So, what does this have to do with the iPhone? I think it definitely brings us a step closer to seeing Flash for the iPhone. It seems that Adobe is ready and willing but is still waiting for Apple to give them the go ahead. Below is a quote from an article by MobileCrunch:
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