Flash Support One Step Closer to the iPhone?

One of the most requested features of the iPhone has always been Flash support. I know there are quite a few things that many of you would still like to see implemented into the iPhone but, among the most requested of these is Flash. Some of you might already be up on this but, I thought I would pass it along. Adobe had their MAX event this week (Nov.16th-19th) and during this event they talked about Flash on mobile devices. Apparently, they well underway to implementing Flash on Windows Mobile devices and as well as the G1 (Google Android). So, what does this have to do with the iPhone? I think it definitely brings us a step closer to seeing Flash for the iPhone. It seems that Adobe is ready and willing but is still waiting for Apple to give them the go ahead. Below is a quote from an article by MobileCrunch:

“‘We are working on Flash on the iPhone, but it is really up to Apple’

One of Apple’s objections to Flash is that it is a CPU hog and is not optimized for the ARM11 processors that power the iPhone. In what seems to be an effort to address that concern, Adobe will also be announcing a closer collaboration with ARM to accelerate the adoption of both Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR on ARM-powered devices.”

I think there is probably a lot more to it than that but, hopefully we can see things worked out soon. You will have to let me know in the comments if you think Apple will bring Flash to the iPhone and whether or not you want them to! Below is a video from the Adobe MAX event.

You can view the full MobileCrunch article HERE.

You can view Adobe’s Press Release HERE.


Recent Twitter for Flash and iPhne:

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  1. i’ve lost hope for this feature . Just like I lost hope to see the Opera iphone browser.
    These things are just not going to happen…

    A Wired article has some very valid points on why this is :

  2. DJContagious says

    honestly, this is somethng i hope DOESNT get implemented into the iPhone. As crappy as the battery life is already, imagine with Flash Player!

    • wel simple if der is battery life problems der shud b a feature dat enables and disables flash… we wil c tho

  3. Lewis England says

    I think they should port Flash to the iPhone, but only when it’s able to process smoothly. That will cause massive problems for adobe so I think that maybe it will take another hardware release from apple
    before Flash can be implememted into the iPhone.

  4. flash player will never be an appstore app, thats for sure
    the only remaining question is that is apple going to have it as a default in their safari program or is someone going to have to post it up on a repository so all the jailbroken users can enjoy it (lik Transmorgrifier on 1.1.4)

  5. Ya know, back when I first got my iPod touch, all I could gripe about was the lack of Flash support. But as time went by, it stopped being a concern. I soon found I didn’t miss it.

    More and more sites either embed iPhone / touch compatible video or provide links to such.

    It’s getting to the point that I am beginning to think the only reason Adobe is still on about porting it, is so Flash doesn’t die off. There are far better alternatives these days, and the only place one really sees Flash anymore are those goofy mortgage ads with the wireframe hotties flailing their limbs around in a most un-natural way.

    I would rather see more time and resources devoted to copy and paste. Now THAT, I miss!

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. From iphonetoolbox.com: Very good reason(s) why flash will never happen on the iPhone which I totally agree on.

    Why Apple Won’t Allow Adobe Flash on iPhone?
    Allowing Flash — which is a development platform of its own — would just be too dangerous for Apple, a company that enjoys exerting total dominance over its hardware and the software that runs on it. Flash has evolved from being a mere animation player into a multimedia platform capable of running applications of its own.

    That means Flash would open a new door for application developers to get their software onto the iPhone: Just code them in Flash and put them on a web page. In so doing, Flash would divert business from the App Store, as well as enable publishers to distribute music, videos and movies that could compete with the iTunes Store.

  7. i hope so much, that the adobe flash will be come out in the next time!

  8. wonderwhy-er says

    Well I do miss flash on iPhone. And yes I find that real reason Apple is not allowing it is that Apple does not want to allow any other aps then ones made in iPhone SDK and censored by Apple to get in to the App Store.
    All other reasons I find to be excuses really. Proprietary closed platform? Well not that much anymore. You can develop your own flash players if you like cuz SWF format and many parts of Adobe Flash player are said to be open now. Also those developers who want can make code for Flex RIA’s open to visitor. So I can’t agree much with that except that it endangers Apple dictatorship over what applications their clients are allowed to use.

    Then also big argument was that Flash is too resource intensive for iPhone and that there are better alternatives. Well only alternative that fits in to the Apple open internet ideals is JavaScript with Canvas which actually is MUCH MORE resource hungry then flash. Check here for example http://glimr.rubyforge.org/cake/canvas.html

    Then with this video in the Internet stuff. I find that flash conquered this market for a reason. Or rather many reasons. Trough flash site owners can customize how they show their stuff. Allow full screen, add styles that suit movie or site, add advanced features like subs or effects.

    Then even with that I find that Flash video sites work faster and are still less resource intensive then Quicktime and WindowsMedia players… At least I see more and more Flash sites and less sites with QuickTime videos.

    So in the end no flash for iPhone means no free rich web applications like games/slide shows/document viewers and editors. Though you can still get same trough AJAX but it will be more resource intensive then Flash anyways.