Steve Jobs Interviewed at D8 Conference

AppleSteve Jobs was a speaker at the D8 Conference and was asked about everything you could think of. From the lost iPhone to what he does all day. Here are some of the highlights that are related to devices that run iPhone OS.


Removing Google from the iPhone?

Kara asks if Apple might remove Google from the iPhone and iPad. Jobs says no. Again, he notes that Apple is simply trying to make the best products it can and that the market will decide whose is better. “Right now, we have the better product.”


Jobs: “They’re doing pretty good in some ways and in others they could do better. We meet with them once a quarter. Remember, they deal with way more data traffic than anyone else. And they’re having trouble. But they have the fastest 3G network and they’re improving. I wish they were improving faster. … I’m convinced that any other network, had you put the iPhone on it would have had the same problems.”

Did Apple know it would build a tablet before it built the iPhone?

Jobs: “I’ll tell you a secret. It began with the tablet. Jobs first charged his staff with developing a tablet, but after seeing their first efforts decided the way to go was a phone. “My God, I said, this would make a great phone … so we shelved the tablet and built the iPhone.”

Will the iPad save the publishing industry?

“I don’t want us to see us descend into a nation of bloggers,” says Jobs. “I think we need editorial oversight now more than ever. Anything we can do to help newspapers new ways of expression that will help them get paid, I am all for.”

App Store Rejections

Isn’t there a downside to Apple’s efforts to protect its customers from porn, malware, etc.

In reply, Jobs first notes that Apple by supporting HTML5, supports a completely open platform. But it also supports a curated platform — iPhone OS. And that platform has rules. “We approve 95 percent of the apps that are submitted to the app store every week and we approve them within in 7 days.”

So what happened with that political cartoon app you declined to approve a few weeks ago, asks Walt.

“We have a rule that says you can’t defame people,” says Jobs, noting that political cartoonists by virtue of their profession sometimes defame people. The cartoon app was rejected on those grounds, he adds. “Then we changed the rules … and in the meantime the cartoonist won a pulitzer … but he never re-submitted his app. And then someone asked him, ‘hey why don’t you have an iPhone app’? He says we rejected it and suddenly it’s a story in the press. … Bottom line is, yes, we sometimes make mistakes … but we correct them.”

Dropped calls on AT&T’s networks

Is someone from Apple working on that?

A: You can bet we’re doing everything we can do. … I can tell you what I’m told by reliable people: to make things better, people reallocate spectrum and they do things like increasing backhaul and they put in more robust switches … and things in general, when they start to fix them, they get worse before they get better … and if you believe that, things should be getting a lot better real soon.

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