New iPad Ordered!

AppleWe’ve finally ordered our new iPad 3G! Usually we have the iPhone right when it comes out but since the iPad costs more it took us a little longer to save up for it. I decided to order the 3G so we can test it out and so we can have data access whenever we need it. I also picked the 16GB version. I, of course, would like to have the 64GB version but for $200 more I decided to save that money to use for the new iPhone 4/4G/HD. Also, I looked at the storage right now on my iPhone 3GS and concluded I’d be fine with only 16GB.

Right now my iPhone has all my music on it that I own. I know, it’s not a lot but it is about 1,400 songs. I don’t think I”ll be putting any music on my iPad. I also have 312 apps which really don’t take a lot of room. My available capacity is 14.7 GB. I originally bought the 32GB iPhone 3GS so I wouldn’t be restricted on taking pictures and video. If I wanted to record a 30min clip, I didn’t want to be limited by space. On the iPad, I won’t be taking pictures or video so I won’t need that extra space. As for watching videos like movies, I probably won’t be ripping videos to my iPad. Most movies we watch are from Redbox so use a laptop or my 24″ iMac.

I also want some accessories. I for sure want the camera connection kit. With all the “unsupported” peripherals I just have to have the USB connection. I’d like a dock for my office, just to save desk space, but I can get that later. I will, for sure, get a case but I will spend a lot of research looking for the best one. I’ve heard bad things about Apple’s case. Let me know what case you like the best and other accessories you recommend.

Of course there are all kinds of hacks for the iPad already. I will start reviewing these right away. I will for sure be jailbreaking my iPad.

Apple’s website says that the iPad will ship in 7-10 business days and then it will take up to 5 days to be shipped and delivered. I’ll be sure to be tweeting it’s progress so stay tuned. Their website shows shipping out on June 16th and delivered on June 21st.

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  1. I have the Apple case and it is very good for the money. It seems protective with and extra edge around to break a fall. It is extremely light. It protects when the flap is closed and can be a stand. I did see someone raving about a smiler styled but cooler case from incase that was eier back ordered or coming within 30-45 days. The Apple case might be different but if you use it and learn it’s ways, it’s a good case. Good luck in your research. By the way, I also bought a case from that I love. It’s a a padded pouch with a screen protector piece of plastic on one side. Unfortunately it is a little too small to hold the iPad in the Aplle case so I’m not using it much. One other thing about the Apple case, it gets easier ton slide the iPad out. It’s partly that it stretches a little and seems to get a little more flexible and partly that you learn how best to remove the iPad from it.

  2. Why didn’t you get it at the store? After all the waiting on saving now wait ’till the 21st?

    • Stores are sold out :(

    • Stores are sold out but from my experience if you put your name on the waiting list they will email you so far within 3-5 days depending on the model you get. WHen I got the 16GB 3G it took 3 day sat my local store. Then when I got on the list for the 32GB Wifi it took 2 days. Of course this is all depends on how big of a town you live in, seeing that I live in the biggest little city in the world there isn’t a huge demand on the iPad, not compared to NY.

      I would have just just got on the list, I am now on the list for the 32GB 3g and the 64 GB 3G, cause I didn’t realize that iPad apps were that much bigger hen iPhone apps, and I plan to use it for DSLR pictures transfers, and 16 GB wasn’t enough so I swallowed the restocking fee.

  3. Awesome that your getting the iPad.

  4. “since the iPad costs more it took us a little longer to save up for it.”
    its funny because here ipad is much cheaper than 950 dollar unlocked iphone!!!

  5. I got the Apple case the other day, I was worried from the bad reviews but went or it anyways. It turns out that I love it! Feels really nice and doesn’t add too much bulk, also it’s nice that it covers the screen. As for a dock, I’m waiting for to release one, they said in a email it’s gonna be worth it.

  6. chmueller says

    We bought the Apple case. It is great. Won’t trade it for another.

  7. tomcrown1 says

    Can you afford the new ATT data plan? Go over your limit and it can cost you $100.00 per month the limit is 2GB for $25.00 per month go over that and get charged another $25.00.

  8. I’m also a big fan of the Apple iPad case. At first I had read great reviews on the Macally MicroLpad case ( and bought that along with a Tucano padded case. So the MicroLpad protected the sides and back of the iPad when using it, and I put the iPad into the Tucano case before putting it into my purse. This system worked for a bit, but I quickly got frustrated that I couldn’t use my iPad as quickly as I wanted because it was stuck in the Tucano zippered case.

    Then a friend showed me his Apple case and I was sold immediately. I was very uncomfortable carrying around the iPad with just the MicroLpad case. It was still too slippery and the screen was completely exposed. The Apple case has grip-ability, a book type cover that protects it when carrying it around like a book. It is an all around great case and I’ll be returning the other two. I also like the fact that the Apple case can be used propped up either on your lap or desktop.

    The other thing I purchased for $6 was a wired paper holder ( that allows me even more of an angle when the iPad is sitting at my desk at work.

    I opted for the Apple bluetooth keyboard versus the iPad specific keyboard. This will allow me to get a bit further away from the iPad and also can be used with other devices.

  9. Kristopher says

    Yes the Stores are not sold out.. Its a ploy so u are forced to get on one of the “NEW” ipad data plans… They are pushing back orders so by the time you get yours the old unlimited data plan will be gone and suckered into the new 2GB plan… SAD times….. Less then 2 months and they have already changed data rates! Unless you are one of the lucky ones to get “grandfathered” in.

  10. You will love it. To bad it was not before the ATT Plan changes. ;)

    • I bet if he tells ATT that he ordered it before the 7th he could get the unlimited.

  11. Nice!

    Order mine two weeks ago (aka forever)…Shipped today, est deliver Tuesday! :)

  12. Don’t forget to jailbreak it. Multitasking and icons per page!

  13. I feel that Jailbreaking and iPad is the only way to go! THere are ZERO drawbacks, all perks!!
    -Activator (I think thats what it is called, assigning screen gestures to apps and commands)
    The list goes on but you all know this so I will stop.

  14. Get this case!

    And then buy an antiglare screen protector from ebay, their cheap!
    The only problem with screen protectors and iPad is that they’re really difficult to apply, brought 2 and i wasn’t successful in applying either of them.

  15. apple ipad school???


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