New iPad!

I finally got an iPad! I had it on order on and it wasn’t going to ship for another two weeks. I also had myself on a waiting list at my local Apple store just incase they came in before mine shipped. When I was put on the waiting list the lady told me it would be about a three week wait. Then, a couple days ago, I got this email:

moving up

That was Sunday. I thought it was just an automated email just to make me think they were still thinking about me and I was important. Then Monday comes and I was very busy blogging about the new iPhone. Once the WWDC keynote was over I finally got to checking my email and I had this email:


I headed out to the Apple store right away and while paying for my iPad I logged into Apple’s website in the store and canceled my online order. Here’s my first picture of my iPad!


Of course I wasn’t smart enough to have them activate it in the store so I had to wait until I was at a computer to set it up.


I’ve had my iPad a couple days now and have it jailbroken already. I’ll be writing about that, apps, hacked apps, and a review on the iPad itself.

Let me know your favorite App Store apps or hacks from Cydia so I can test them out.

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  1. Congrats on the brand new toy! :)

  2. Congrats on your iPad. You look so happy on the picture haha

  3. Finally you have an iPad was wondering why there wasn’t much updates regarding ipad stuff. Looking forward to reading iPad stuff from you.

  4. Waiting on my iPad got my first email but looking forward to you are moving up the priority list email.Enjoy

  5. I think apple is doing a really good job , here in Canada as well. got mine 1 day before set date

  6. Congrats :) I wish you a lot of fun with your brand new toy :D

  7. Wait…so when you cancelled the online order after getting the iPad, you got a refund for the whole thing even though you still got it?!

  8. Congrats! You did a very good deal :)

    About Cydia, I love grip, sbsettings and lockinfo, they’r reaaaaaally useful


  9. so did you get in on the unlimited data plan?

  10. Glad you got your Ipad…..Enjoy.

    Wish some people would be happy to what others are doing on their own time and dime. but you can never make everyone happy.

    Hope to read future information on the ipad and on the future iphone.


  11. Congrads on your ipad. I prettly like Cydia’s imobilecinema as it enable me to watch flash movies streaming to the ipad (instead of the iphone).

  12. Then stop coming here. KTHX

  13. I dont think I have ever posted anything on this website before but that guy above me is a real ****** ***. I think the most convinient way to find information related to apple products is on this website. I have seen many websites while playing around with my iphone but they are all crammed with irrelevant stuff. This website however, keeps clean and to the point.
    This website feels like a family to me now. I appreciate the efforts of the husband wife with their kids still finding time to update the website on regular bases bringing meaningful information.
    If you want them to receive their iPad any sooner may be you should think about donating some money rather then just sitting on your butt looking for free information out of someones hard work.

  14. iphonegrl says

    I’m sooo hatin on u rt now but congrats anyway. Bought my daughter a MacBook for graduation (with honors and full scholarship to college) so I have to wait on my new toys. Congrats again.

  15. i do have to agree…
    I do respect that everyone has their personal life…..but i really used to enjoy browsing this site on a daily basis.
    Nowadays you don’t post anything!….sometimes the information is kinda irrelevant (how to rename apps through SSH) even though you’ve covered this waaay back (Rename Cydia App)

    Hope you put more input when the iPhone4 is released.