Election Apps for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

There are two really good applications for keeping track of today’s elections in the United States. The first one is the CNN Elections Center app. It can detect your current location and find the races in your area. Then you can pick them or up to 15 total to follow throughout the day. The app includes House, Senate and Governor races and also includes some state Ballot Measures such as voting on the right to hunt. Of course it also has a news section to keep up on breaking election news.

CNN Elections Center

ABC News for iPadThis app is going to be really awesome too. It lets you see the whole country map and each state color by color. You can choose to see the Senate or House race but it doesn’t look like there is an option for Governor. Tapping an individual state brings up details on the race and there is also a setting to make the election map show up everytime you open the app. This app won’t start showing results until around 7:00pm ET.

ABC News for iPad


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