Election Apps for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

There are two really good applications for keeping track of today’s elections in the United States. The first one is the CNN Elections Center app. It can detect your current location and find the races in your area. Then you can pick them or up to 15 total to follow throughout the day. The app includes House, Senate and Governor races and also includes some state Ballot Measures such as voting on the right to hunt. Of course it also has a news section to keep up on breaking election news. [Read more…]

iPhone Web Apps for Monitoring the 2008 US Presidental Election

Tomorrow is the big day and we thought we’d help you get the best coverage of the US Presidential Elections of 2008 on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are some kewl Apps in the app store but most are just poll tracking and not final results or news. I’ve looked over the top news sites and found only one with an entire site dedicated to the election coverage. CNN has, by far, the best web app for the election called the CNN Election Center. You can even put in your zip code and get local results of your state candidates running for state positions.

CNN’s site details the Presidential Election with a total percent of precincts reporting stat, number of electoral votes and total percentages for both candidates, a link to a Google web app that helps you find where to vote locally, and even videos. I’ve also listed a bunch of other news sites that are adapted for the iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile devices. From your iPhone, you can click on them in this article and you will go right to them. Most have nice webclip icons. If you know of any other web apps covering the election, please let us know. Especially from countries other than the US. [Read more…]

Election ’08

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Election '08Ok, I have to apologize first to all of those in other countries who don’t care about the US elections. To make if fair, let me know of any apps that are available in other countries that are not in the US and we’ll get a review of it. I can tell by our stats that MANY of you are from outside the US so we’d love to review your country specific apps too!

Ok, on to the review. Election ’08 is an app that shows graphs of polls, data and electoral vote estimates broken down by state. You can even see the voting history of each state. It’s a very simple app and costs $0.99. Tapping on different icons across the bottom sorts the results by recent info, alphabetical, electoral votes, and by each candidate. [Read more…]