New Poll – Have you paid for a theme?

I have always been curious about this… do people pay for themes? I personally have never paid for a theme in Cydia but honestly, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t if I found one I really liked. I think Doug has bought a theme or two. If you have purchased a theme… let us know in the comments which one and if you thought it was worth the $.

Side Note: Not gonna lie… Smoog is still my favorite theme… I’m rockin’ it right now!

Have you paid for a theme?

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  1. I’ve never purchased a theme. It seems that the vast majority of the paid themes in Cydia are not my style at all. I usually get my themes from various forums online where people release all their work for free.

  2. Selling a theme myself, sales are going quite well for how long it’s been on. Also bought one once and donated to a few designers.

  3. Ill happily reward outstanding content creation or innovative code with my money.

    The jailbreak community economy drives the push for better releases…just remember to support your customer

  4. I usually used ripd version of the web.. but if I find myself using the same one over a week.. I throw em a buck er two